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power steering

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I'm trying to figure out where it is leaking from and I think it is the pump. The hoses are fine and it is wet behind the pulley but only below the shaft the pulley mounts onto.


Also, What is the length for the return line. Is 24" the right one.

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Sounds to me it's the tank leaking at the bottom where the tank hits the pump (the seal). They are prone to leaking due to a combo of poor design and plastic tanks.


I've replaced the seal in them before, as the parts to change everything out is only around $20. However I will say it was the biggest pain the the butt job I've ever done and it lasted about 8 months and than I was in the same boat again.


My recommendation is to buy a new one, or grab one for cheap from the junkyard. It's much easier to just swap one out that you know is good than to try to deal with replacing the seal.

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