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stroker...how much $$ to bore a 4.0?

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I'm looking at building up a stroker here in the next few months for my 87 MJ, and really haven't looked at cost for boring.


I want to go .030 over with the 258 crank, 4.0 rods, and some low profile pistons with a mild cam.


basing it off of a renix era 4.0 with a H.O. head and 99+ intake with a borla header...it will be a porting nightmare to be sure, but well worth it in the end.

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during my buildup i have purchased a kit from AP which does not work that area for reasons unknown The total package to include porting was around 2k and that was 5 years ago. To me porting is a personal choice the are some gains but nothing to brag about. If you intend to supercharge/turbo/nitro or a combination and trying to squeez every bit of hp out if it then do it other wise don't worry about that... you will notice the difference. :brows: there are some sites like dino's & lund that can provide some additional info hope this helps :cheers:

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all I need is the boring cost...$$$ per cylinder. thats the only machine work that will be done.


I'm porting the head and intake myself if I do, and will only have the head machined if I have the valves up-sized.


found that chevy 350's bored .010 over are around $8 per cylinder

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the average in my area was $14 a cylinder for a bore and hone. I had the machine shop bore, hone, deck, clean, magnaflux the block, and install new cam bearings. I want to say my total price was around $300 including the bearings. Then he cut me a deal on pistons since I did all the work there and was having trouble finding a matched set, $11.50 a piece. they were weight matched aluminum pistons, and the brand name was Badger.


I bought a reman crank from advance, did my own port and polish, my bos did a 3angle for me at his race shop for free, he even reset all the spring heights. Conrods came from ebay and were shot peened and hardened then heat soaked. Used the stock cam out of my 1992 block. I also picked up a 2000 intake and I started with FMS 24lb injectors, but ended up switching to a set of LT1 injectors as the motor ran much better on those.


let me know if you need anything else. My total build cost was just under $1500 and I replaced almost everything. The only thing I kept was the rocker arms.

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