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For all of you who are wondering what I did for ball joints here you go.

I bought moog upper and lower for both sides

upper 57.99 each

lower 52.99 each


Total= 221.96 so yea I hope I never have to do ball joints againg. They are a pain in the you know what .........thats right the wallet!!

but they are made in the :USAflag: with a Liftime Warranty props to moog for being so confident image_209027.gif

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Good deal moog is the way to go. Mine are in the parts pile waiting. I got my uppers from someone on craigslist for $60 then i ordered my lowers from rockauto.


Wdae, that is a great price for moogs. There is a guy on ebay that has MOOG written in huge letters on the auction. They were real cheap so i emailed him and he says they are omix ada. So i emailed him back asking him why he has them listed as moog and doesnt he feel it is dishonest and false advertising then i reported him to ebay. of course, he never replied to my email

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