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Pictures of my new dome lights.


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Funny. I just put that exact same light on the driver's side a couple of days ago. I didn't like how much they stuck out, so I bought two of the flush mount lights that everyone here has been putting in.


And I just put in some LED bulbs today to make them brighter. The nice thing about that bigger light is that it takes an 1157 bulb, instead of the smaller 194 bulbs.

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Are you sure you wired it up right?


When I first put in the bigger light, I used the red and black wires, thinking that was logical. The light would come on when I toggled the switch, but not when I opened the door. No big deal I thought.


Then when I put in the flush mount lights, I used my multimeter to determine that the door switch was the yellow wire. So I wired up the red and yellow wires, and now it works with the door open and with the headlight switch. I left the black wire unattached.

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