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A/C blows a fuse

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I have only had my MJ for 2 months. I' ve had it painted. The previous owner said that the a/c works, but it blows a fuse and he said it was the wiring harness. I'm definately not a electrical person. I have not treid to run the a/c. What happens when it blows a fuse? Does the a/c still work, does it cause the truck not to start or what? How hard is it to fix? Thanks

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That is quite a loaded question. It depends on what is causing the fuse to blow, but it's not very likely that the AC will work if a fuse is blown. The blower motor itself may be bad and causing it to blow or there is a short in the wiring somewhere that is going to have to be traced and repaired.


I hate electrical problems as they can take forever to figure out and I am not good with electronics at all :mad:

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