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Rear slider window stuff

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When I bought the truck it had a 4 piece rear slider. it did not open or close very well at all. I swept some dirt and dust out of the channel and it slides a little better, after 2 weeks of sliding it several times a day it slides a lot better but still not perfect. Is there any type of lubricant, maybe graphite that people use it in to make it slide smoother? It just tends to bind at times. Also, the rubber along the back is peeling away from the outside of the cab on the corners and along the top, it does not leak into the cab at all but it mildly annoys me to see it. Should I just run a bead of silicon around it and stick it back down, or would I be better off looking into a new rear window? I would love a power 4 piece slider, but I have not been able to find a place that sells them non commercially.

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Mine was stiff,silicone spray did the trick.

Tons of it,often.

I'd like to replace the weatherstrips(glass runs),

just try to find them. :roll:

Factory only ever sold the window as a unit.

BTW,factory is 3 piece,one slider glass.

Yours is evidently after the fact,you might be

able to get parts someplace.

Interested to hear what the group says

about your molding.

Mine's lifting in the lower corners.

Not bad,but looks like crap,and I haven't come up

with a fix.Black rtv held about a day,as did black

silicone rubber.

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