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wiring harness

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saturday a buddy and I are going to try to work out the electrical grmlins due to some tweaker's failed attempt at stealing my mj. seeings how rare comanchees are can i use the wireing harness out of a 1990 5spd 4x4 4.0 cherokee? every wire going to my steering column was cut, is there a plug "up stream" from there so that I can get just the wiring for the interior from a u-pull-it? tearing the dash apart isn't that bad, my heater fan is going out anyways.

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The wiring harness is one assembly from the fuse block to the connector for the rear lights/fuel pump. If you're using a cherokee one try and get one with the same transmission (auto or manual). You're going to have to splice wires at the connector that I mentioned because the actual connectors are differnt. One of the wires will have to actually run to the switch on the steering culumn.

So it is very possible to use a XJ one, just a pain. I know, I did it. If at all possible try to get a MJ one.

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