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Tailgate alignment

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I've put a non-original tailgate in my MJ and am having trouble adjusting it. The right side seems to sit lower than it should. I tried loosening the lower rider on the bed but there doesn't seem to be enough upward travel to it. The depth of the tailgate is pretty good, just the height on the right side is off.


So is there a height adjustment? Did I loosen the wrong thing?

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Far as I know there is no height adjustment. The cups on the tailgate are fixed just like the ones on the bed. The only thing that might cause this is that the one on the bed has turned on the bracket. If that has happen then the flat side would cause the drop in height. It should be at like a 45 degree angle. If it has spun then try to move it back and get a screw to put in the middle to torque it down tight. You'll probably have to drill for the screw. Or, find another one and replace it.



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