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Back-flush coolant sysytem

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This was actually going to be part of my Moroso tank thread but I thought I'd start a new one for anyone else who runs a search on this topic later.


I bought a T-fitting kit so I can flush out my coolant system with a garden hose. I've figured out what hose to cut and install the T-fitting.

I'll post pictures when I actually do it.

My question is, to properly flush out the entire sysytem using this method, should I disconnect the hose at the bottom of the expansion tank or a differnt hose?The directions are for an open system so while the garden hose and engine are running, the crap in the system will fly out of the top of the radiator.

Would letting the crap fly out of the hose to the bottom of the expansion tank have the same effect or should I do something differnt?

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