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Found 4 results

  1. Hey All, it’s been a long time coming but I have officially completed this project and am moving into production. it’s just my wife and I making these by hand. We take our time and try to make these look and function as close to original as we can. As with all hand made products there will always be minuscule variations but we test each panel before we send it off and make sure we have good alignment and symbol illumination. Here is what we have: Switch Trim Covers These have been painstakingly reproduced to be a very close copy of the original. They defini
  2. Hello all, Just putting the finishing touches on the dash switch trim covers and am looking to see what versions everyone would be most interested in via poll. Just want to get an idea of how many of each to work on first. These are hand made, multi layered switch trim covers for the obsolete and hard to find factory options. Please see images below for examples of the switch layouts. These will be VERY similar to factory though I won’t say identical. Every effort has been made to reproduce the logos and text according to factory. Original models were vector traced and scanned to b
  3. Hey gang! I've searched a bit and can't quite find what I'm looking for, so here goes: I just completed that bed swap from my '86 donor to my '88 DD. While I was swapping the wiring harness over from the '88 I noticed that I had this weird little light behind my bumper. It's like a license plate lamp, but it shines on the ground instead of the plate because, well, it's behind the bumper. I thought it was cool, so I got it working, but I'm still left wondering- WHY? What is it for? My best theory is license plate light if for I choose to remove my bumper, beause there's square holes unde
  4. I've searched our forums and did not find this as a topic. And only occasionally has it come up indirectly. What factory Switch Pod options were available for our trucks? Years make a difference etc? What I've found or seen: Left side of steering wheel: Fog Only Fog / Bed light Fog / Rear Defrost (Cherokee) Rear Defrost only Right Side of Steering Wheel: Trans Power Comfort Only Trans Power Comfort / Rear Wiper (cherokee) Roll Bar Light Switch Any other Options out there?
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