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Found 3 results

  1. Can anyone tell me how to remove the stock fender flares from a Comanche
  2. For everything I've got into this truck so far. Meh, it wouldn't make any sense at this point I'd end up with just a vomit of pictures and half explanations. Anyways, anyone here have ideas on how to remove a spraybomb paint job without going to bare metal? I've tried lacquer thinner, paint thinner, acetone, all to no avail. The previous owner (one of 'em anyways) rattle canned the entire truck green....just not the same green as stock. I wanna get a single stage urethane with hardener but have to remove all this lacquer or acrylic or whatever Rust-Oleum is (could be Wal-Mart brand, you never know!). I'm trying to chemically strip the spray paint off without damaging the original coating too much and really REALLY don't wanna wet sand the whole truck. Although I know that's probably gonna be the solution..... Also, does the picture vomit sound like it would be helpful? I've got loads of pics from this thing.
  3. hey guys new to the forum i have a 86 mj 2.5 that ive had since june....i think......ive done alot work to the thing to much to explain here..buuuuttt back to topic....the body on this thing is $#!& ive already taken off the fender flares and busted off chunks of rust there. sanded filled and primed tons of rust there...so my idea is come spring-summer i want to put a new coat of paint on....myself....i was thinking of using tractor and implement paint from the local farm store...by recommendation... and borrowing a gun from a friend....like i said I'm new and this is my first post really so just wondering if anyone does there own paint and body work and if they got any tips and suggestions for a noob
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