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  1. It would be a great way to re-coup some of your build expenses and help others use some of your ideas on their own rigs. Or you and Wes could start a company making these parts as an after market parts source :) build by order type deal. I have a plan to use chassis stiffeners and would love something like what zone off road did on their rig in kit form.
  2. Have you thought about selling all of the torch works and CNC CAD drawings as a way for others to take them to their local shops to have the parts made? I would be willing to buy them and have them made here for my comanche. It would save a lot of money on shipping and handling for the bigger parts.
  3. Thanks frank that's the answer i was looking for. Thanks for the information guys your help is greatly appreciated. Frank were there any problems with fitment or compatibility at all?
  4. Thanks for your input guys. I am leaning toward just swapping out the old renix and putting the higher mileage motor (1997 OBDII) in it after sprucing it up a bit. I don't want to put older technology on newer head as far as puting the renix or OBDI system on the 94 engine. My main question (to clarify) was: Will the 1997-2001 OBDII parts fit an older (96 and older) head/block? My intention is to use one wiring harness (97+) and not having to splice it. I want to keep the 97+ intake manifold and all other external parts and swap them onto the older (read less mileage) 1994 head/block. Will this work?
  5. Here is my 89 Comanche Pioneer. As it sits it is 2wd with a blown Renix and the column shift and bench seat. I am accumulating parts and plan to do the 97+ conversion for better cooling options and 4x4conversion with a 5.5" Long arm lift and high steer steering setup. It has very little rust on it as it was originally from Colorado. It already had the Comanche club sticker on it when i bought it:) so I had to check out the link! Glad I found this forum. It will be a ton of help in the future. Call me weird, but i kinda like the old Pioneer Stickers. I hate to see em go. Line-x to keep it rust proof in the rust belt (missouri) is top priority. More pics can be viewed here:
  6. I have an 87 Comanche with the renix system 4.0 and it blew a head hasket and the rear main seal is leaking. I am wanting to update the whole truck to 97+ interior/exterior and engine. I found a 94 4.0 with 134,000 on it in good shape, the engine in the 97+ parts truck has 180,000 Kinda high mileage for an engine swap. I don't want to spend the time and money rebuilding the 180,000 mile engine. Will 1997 and newer exterior parts work on older engines like exhaust manifolds, intake manifolds power steering pumps etc. ? I did a search but couldn't find any info on it. Any info would be appreciated.
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