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  1. 1987 Comanche Pioneer 4.0L I6, MPI Auto 2WD 7ft Bed 120” Wheel Base Transfercase - Front Axle - Rear Axle - Dana35 3.55 Have owned the truck for 10 years - just now trying to keep track of what we’ve done/need to do. done: removed tow mirror/replaced with XJ mirror bodywork on doors paint to match original color speaker and head unit install Exhaust replace euramtec b-pillar lights install e-brake line replace removed push bar Adjusted TPS for auto trans - no shift past 1st and surging idle replace headliner swapped rubber bed liner for full plastic battery cable and grounds upgrade coolant bottle cap replace (Volvo Napa part) tire upgrade - Wildpeak 235/75/1 Tie-rod at pitman arrm track bar replace to do: rear axle replace rear brake rehab - ebrake? sun visor recover and install factory tape deck install with aux input door window seal replace Cracked dash replace windshield replace glovebox replace paint and attach speaker grills correct window cranks passenger window regulator sticks passenger side mirror replace A/C & heat diagnose
  2. 1987 Comanche Pioneer 4.0L I6, MPI Auto 2WD 7ft Bed 120” Wheel Base Transfercase - Front Axle - Rear Axle - Dana35 3.55 Build Date: tag has been spray painted over Current Location: South Central PA Status: On the road, weekend driver Current Owner: pizzatree (Drake)
  3. Thanks for the offer! Would I notice a difference in the gearing? I’m running 235/15’s and was under the impression that with those tires I’d notice a difference in gearing. I do drive regularly on the highway. Would the 3.07 feel extra sluggish? Found a good 8.25 (with 3.55 gearing) 1/2 hr away for $150. Already bought parts to rebuild the brakes. Now to decide - swap D35 for D35, do brakes and top-off or upgrade to 8.25 (and deal with headache of finding welder and shop)? would rather do things on the cheap end but money isn’t a huge issue, would mostly like to make a sound choice for the longevity and enjoyment of the truck.
  4. This has quickly turned into a list of things to do myself! On the list - Tie Rod End, Track Bar, Rear brake wheel cylinders and bleed (those all seem within my capabilities) Should I plan to rebuild the rear brakes completely with new drums, shoes, everything while I’m in there? Mechanic I talked to yesterday tried to talk me out of a gear swap. “Things don’t ever match up and you’ll always have trouble” We’re leaning towards getting the brakes firm again and topping off gear oil until we can find a shop that’ll do a swap of D35 for 8.25. Would 8.25 be the most logical axle to go with - easy to find and give us a bit more reliability? As long as we match current gearing a shop would need to weld new perches and shorten driveshaft for it to fit?
  5. Thanks for the encouragement! The brakes are very soft - mechanic wanted to address these to pass inspection. We’re picking it up today and will be doing track bar and tie rod end at home and trying to make a decision about the axle/brakes. Planning to get underneath, pull brakes and get a better idea of what’s going on. But according to the shop - rear diff cover, rear axle seals, AND wheel cylinders are all leaking.
  6. Have a 2wd auto that we use for periodically hauling brush to dump and bikes to trails - some gravel roads but nothing crazy. We’re happy with it as is and are not mechanics but do wrench what we can, so…. Mechanic has told us we have a few issues to address - rear diff is leaking and likely needs bearings, rear wheel cylinders and rear axle seals are leaking. Quoted us a rough 1200 but that was before he’d looked up our specific model. I know we’ve got a D35 3.55 gearing and from reading on here I’m wondering if it’s worth it to have him rehab all of this or try to swap in something else (8.25)? We don’t really NEED an upgrade or lift, we’re happy with the mj as is. Again mechanic would be doing all this as it’s out of our comfort zone. Any thoughts based on our setup and needs?
  7. I am fixing and recovering my headliner. JoAnn in my area is sold out of headliner fabrics. Does anyone have a source for for headliner fabric that would match a tan interior (87)?
  8. this is mine. i was just too lazy to post it looking for tan dash and topper for our lwb if anyone wants tradesies?...
  9. Thanks for the replies It's a tough decision, but...I think we are leaning towards selling it. Undercarriage looks great thanks to the undercoating, no rust issues This is a third car, we've got an 2000 XJ and station wagon for hauling house stuff...so while the truck would be helpful at times, we have been getting along fine without it. I know it's legal to put the kid in the front seat but not recommended, especially with 2 other alternatives, we just aren't comfortable doing it. Trans won't shift out of 1st. I am handy but not a mechanic - had our trusted mechanic take a look and he offered to do the swap. I was also surprised that the transmission would go with such low miles.
  10. Trying to make a decision about sale of our truck - 1989 Jeep Comanche MJ Pioneer 2wd long bed, Auto, 4.0L I6 Cylinder, 120K Miles Here is the deal - It currently runs, but needs a transmission and is garaged. We have a 2 year old, and aren't comfortable putting her in it...so we are trying to decide if we should keep it garaged, sell it for some photo/video equipment, fix the trans and sell or swap for 5 spd trans and keep it around for once/twice a year drive? We love the truck, it's got a few minor issues and is in pretty great shape otherwise. It needs – Transmission, AC Compressor, new lock cylinders, passenger window track Exterior excellent condition – new paint, bed has minimal scratching, tail gate/bumper/lights in great condition, push bar on font Interior fair condition - Needs Headliner, crack in dash Things we’ve done: 110k Paint/Undercoating, new dome lights, upgraded stereo/speakers 112k New Tires 115K Water Pump, Alternator What would you do with it? What is the market for this model with transmission issues?
  11. I'll bump this up again - since its fast approaching. I've never been - is it a swap?
  12. Thanks, I think the tow mirrors were added by PO, because there are the 3 screw holes and the remnants of a bracket in the corner of the window. online JY parts search brings up lots of options, what is the difference between sail type (frame mtd) and flag type(skin mtd)? Is it sail type that'll fit into the corner of the window? thanks for your help
  13. I'm a little confused about mirror types - can someone give me a simple rundown? Just got an 87 comanche, right now it has big trucker mirrors bolted to the side of the door - looks like it used to have ones that were in the corner of the window.... i'd like to pick some up from a JY, what am I looking for?
  14. Looking to buy a JEEP COMANCHE 4X4 daily driver. Preferably 4cyclinder with reasonable mileage. Hoping to spend under $2000. I’m in south-central Pennsylvania. If you have one/know of one, please send me an e-mail with photos at caitlin(dot)emig(at)gmail(dot)com Thanks!
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