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  1. I have an '88 with the black plastic transducer thing (can't find replacement anywhere) It sounds like the more universal part #4F1413 bolts up and looks like you could just plug existing vac line into it. Did you have to do any mods? Does it perform as it should? thanks
  2. Looks like it may have said Colma which was a Jeep dealer in the bay area but all records I have show it has been registered in San Diego County its entire life. Could be some other dealer that I am unable to find though.
  3. yes manual trans and good idea on the wires, thanks again Looked at the fusible links and I believe my chinafreight multimeter has a bad wire its not changing from 1ohms so I will have to get a new one. I did notice a cut part of one of the red fusible link wires that could be the lights? but it certainly didnt just fall off so it worked with it like that And also got into the ECU? connections and they look bad like coke was spilt in there a dark brown kind sticky residue. Not sure if this is corrosion or some sort of old anti-corrosion gel maybe? I left it for now but what would I even use to clean that up?
  4. I'll try the pics again, If you can see the connector its shot, which may take a while to find; Good to know how to check the fusible link, thanks for that and the relay diagram, I just cleaned them and will leave for now. Here are a few more pics of the engine bay wire ends (put duct tape on them) working passenger to drivers side; - first one looks like its related to blower motor maybe for AC? which I do not have - round one in the back cluster, no idea - 4 pin near the throttle body, no idea - last one near the front headlight connector/air box looks like lighting but looks like they were very clean cuts or factory in case something is added later?
  5. Dug in a bit more today. The fusible link/wires did not look burnt and switch looked intact, I also replaced the relay under the dash but no lights. Then I started cleaning the connectors as mentioned and the front light connector was nasty. The red outer wire broke off and was visibly corroded. It possibly happened when I was trying to remove the connection today or could be the culprit since I was on some pretty bumpy trails this weekend when the lights went out. The inside was very corroded and 4/10 connections broke off. I obviously have to replace it, but since its for the fronts, would that also affect not having brake lights in the rear? Also best place to get the replacement? I went through just about every other connection as suggested with electrical cleaner and fortunately none looked that bad at all. The only one I did not get to was the complex one up top, I didn't know if there was a trick to opening that up Cleaned up these 3 relays by the battery and the contacts didn't look too bad to begin with, are they worth just getting new ones? And also found quite a few loose end wires with no obvious connections, 3 or 4 in the engine bay and about 8 under the dash. I have a base model with little options would that be the reason? I appreciate all the help and insight!
  6. Thank You for the thorough response. I already cleaned the multiple ground connection at dipstick along with replacing the battery cables, that bolt was a bugger. Also replaced main ground as suggested with battery cable (4gage? in pic below). Did not do the fuel pump one (yet), thanks. I believe I cleaned some of the electrical connections already and I wouldn't think its the actual lighting connector since they all went out at once at turn signals work but will try to do the electronics cleaner as well tomorrow as suggested just in case. Thanks again
  7. thanks for the reply, you mean that actual assembly like this?
  8. New Comanche owner here. Randomly my headlights, brakelights, dashlights and hazards all stopped working while my blinkers still work fine. Not a fuse or an obvious wire issue and I recently cleaned as many of the grounds as I could find and worked fine after that. Could be a relay? any other similar or common issues with this?
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