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    This is sweet. I picked up an original warranty guide and owners manual for my year as well. Very cool that your truck still had that little time capsule with it.
  2. I'm considering making the switch because I already had the r12 discharged for a different project and it's pretty expensive to refill it with r12 (and will be expensive to refill again if I need to discharge the system for some other reason / there is a future leak or failure) so I'm thinking of converting. It worked fine before it was discharged. It's been a few months since the discharge - I definitely have the drier replacement on the list of must-dos.
  3. That's not the kind of fireball I want coming out of my truck... I don't have any manifold gauges yet, but I have them on my list of equipment to buy / borrow / rent in order to get the job done (along with a vacuum pump).
  4. Yes, my compressor is leaking a little bit of oil through the front seal - but no black gunk on the hood yet... I think I'm just going to replace it. I'll be sure it's new and not reman. I'll do an in depth visual check on the lines and go from there. Maybe I'll get a quote on the lines just as a point of reference for the future. Thanks for the detailed info including part numbers for the improved condenser and the conversion measurements. I might research this a bit more but if my lines don't need to be replaced maybe I'll spring for the $60 to replace it too.
  5. Awesome, thanks for pointing me in the direction of that video. I haven't watched it but I will do so shortly. Thanks as well for the additional info regarding the condenser and compressor. I'm leaning towards just swapping the compressor since I'll already be in there - and like you said, maybe avoiding a future headache.
  6. hi My truck still has the original r12 AC system in place. It was working great but I needed to discharge it ahead of a heater core job I did last fall and now I'm considering an r134a conversion instead of recharging it with the very expensive and increasingly scarce r12. Less concerned with r134a blowing less cold - I don't need arctic wind blasting out of this baby because it only gets up to 90 for a few days out of the year where I live. Not considering an AC delete at this time. I'm new to AC maintenance and I've been finding a wide variety of info online regarding
  7. Guy very new to bodywork here; what's meant by "edge out" the truck?
  8. Thanks everyone - I do have some doublestick laying around so I’ll give that a shot and see how she fares. Was curious if anyone had done anything outside the box but maybe the best approach on this one is to keep it simple!
  9. I have some factory b-pillar lights that are fully functional, but unfortunately the clips are broken on both. Any quick tips on getting these to stay mounted in the pillar without the clips?
  10. Right on... well time will tell perhaps - Took a peek at your build thread and that white contrast of the shell looks sweet.
  11. What do you love / hate about it? I've been considering a removable camper setup for next season so I'm in that mindset right now. I thought so too - wish I could take credit for that one but the previous owner made that call :) Awesome, thank you!
  12. Thanks for the info! Yep, I picked up the cover from Downey almost immediately and it's been perfect.
  13. 1990 Pioneer 4.0 L6 / Automatic / 4x4 / LWB Current Location: Oregon Status: She's still going strong on the road with opportunities for projects here and there. Still in pretty good shape and has had a few modifications including a new radiator w/ open cooling system and new heater core. Original R12 A/C is functional but was discharged recently in advance of the heater core replacement. Headlights and exhaust have also been replaced. I believe the wheels are off a ZJ. Engine has around 67k miles on it. Interior is in excellent cond
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