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  1. Thanks yall it just started working after driving it a while. Now I'm in the middle of putting a 4.0 ho in its and while taking the dash apart I found the issue and I think it might of came from the factory like that. The 15mm nuts that hold the steering column up there where 4 wires pinched in half stuck under the nut idk how I missed that oh and I could never figure out why my wife was always cold and I wasn't well big black hose behind the dash was ran wrong and was pinched flat behind there. First thing I checked next was the date on the heater core and it's still a 89. Hmm wierd . You'd figure it would be a real struggle getting that dash on with the hose like that. Pictures coming soon
  2. I am doing the swap I have a 89 mj with a 2.5 and a manual trans. I already have the doner vehicle 95 xj sport with a 4.0 ho and a automatic trans. I am deep in this project already. I got the motor and trans pulled from doner and the motor harness , dash and plan on keep going after reading yalls forums. Any thing else I should know about this swap like anything tricky about these years, or models ?
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