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  1. no kidding thanks Mr. Miyagi. I wish I would have found this 3 days ago.
  2. can I get any diagrams u used because I'm having a hell of a time I got a 95 harness a 98 dash and I'm putting it in a 89 mj. easiest way I was told was to strip the entire xj (95) and strip your entire mj. then put everything from your mj in the trash and put the guts of the xj in the mj. it's been a battle mostly because I'm picky and wanted a 97+ interior. other then that it's been time consuming but easy.
  3. so before I knew it was a thing. I bought a lifted 89 comanche. I mean thing was built right as far as drive train and the lift goes. I was always a bit depressed that it was gutless just a pig. it had the 2.5 il4 with ax15 standard 5 speed tranny and chromally axles 4.10 gears and a 6 inch lift no complaints under the frame or unibody. I once owned a 94 xj sport with a 4.0 ho right out of highschool it was my pride and joy with a small lift. it was far from a turd and had more then enough power but after a wave of unfortunate events my jeep was destroyed. so tho my mj was not as fun it didn'
  4. I thought I saw some where on here that someone doing the swap from a 2.5 to a 4.0 automatic that a rear driveling out of a 1997 dodge Durango or Dakota would work. I know its 45 1/2 inches from saddle to saddle is this true. And if you know please put the correct year, make and model of truck am I looking with a driveline left in it. Thanks
  5. Thanks yall it just started working after driving it a while. Now I'm in the middle of putting a 4.0 ho in its and while taking the dash apart I found the issue and I think it might of came from the factory like that. The 15mm nuts that hold the steering column up there where 4 wires pinched in half stuck under the nut idk how I missed that oh and I could never figure out why my wife was always cold and I wasn't well big black hose behind the dash was ran wrong and was pinched flat behind there. First thing I checked next was the date on the heater core and it's still a 89. Hmm wierd . You'd f
  6. I am doing the swap I have a 89 mj with a 2.5 and a manual trans. I already have the doner vehicle 95 xj sport with a 4.0 ho and a automatic trans. I am deep in this project already. I got the motor and trans pulled from doner and the motor harness , dash and plan on keep going after reading yalls forums. Any thing else I should know about this swap like anything tricky about these years, or models ?
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