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    Thanks man! They're so ashamed of the D35 they renamed it 😂
  2. cbrant


    So what are the MMs for the axles representing?
  3. cbrant


    No but I wish I did. It was my favorite vehicle I've ever had. Sold it because I was commuting an hour each way then moved really close six months later.
  4. cbrant


    Thanks for figuring that out - appreciate the build sheet!
  5. cbrant


    Try it now. I am not sure if they are supposed to be "I"s or "1"s to be honest...
  6. cbrant


    1992 Jeep Comanche Long Bed 4.0 I6 / Automatic/ 4WD / Front axle ??)/ Rear axle (???) / LWB Build date: Current Location: Des Moines, Iowa, USA bought it from Chillicothe, MO. Status: Running well, awaiting a garage so I can start restoration/modification. It has rust in the rockers and cab corners and likely under the rear flares. Frame and everything is in good shape, but dirty. Notes: 113,000 original miles... Burgundy exterior and gray interior. Cloth bench, column shift. Current owner: Long time Jeep owner. First car was a '99 TJ, then an '04 LJ, '12 Patriot, and my brother has had a couple XJs and a TJ. Always wanted a Comanche and finally found one. Hoping to find some replacement rockers and cab corners.
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