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  1. Good news guys. Checked the cps, and the dumb thing wasn't installed! I guess the guy I bought it from took it off when he started the clutch replacement. Mutch swearing and an hour later had it back in, Cruiser thanks for the tape and 11mm socket idea. So now it cranks, and I have spark all the way to the cylinders, but it still won't start. When I use starter fluid I get some back fireing, but the motor won't even cough or sputter. At least I'm a step forward! Any new ideas??
  2. Not yet, that's why it's been sitting
  3. Yep I'll start working my way through Cruisers tips, just wondering which numbers are most connected to no spark issues.
  4. I am trying to start my 1990 MJ but have no spark. THis truck hasn't been started for over a year due to needing a clutch job. All the spark plug wires had bad corrosion, also the ignition coil connection points were corroded, I have cleaned all of these. I'm using an in line spark tester and I'm getting no spark however the motor cranks over fine. Any ideas what I need to check next? Also any good ideas on how to clean the electrical connectors I'm pointing to on the ignition coil? I tried my best but the copper is still not shiny. 1990 MJ 4.0, AX15, 4x4, longbed
  5. Forgot to mention 4 new Firestone tires!
  6. I've decided to sell my 1990 Comanche project. 4.0 inline 6, 189,000 miles ax15, 5 speed trans 4x4 long bed, Pioneer Motor runs, needs clutch replaced, have all the parts just no time to work on it. Tired of it taking up my garage, will need to be towed. $2000 message me if you want to see it.
  7. I think a better question is what NEEDS done to my comanche... answer: new clutch =(
  8. Do you have a price range yet? Will need one for a lwb
  9. Well guys I'm balls deep in it now, bought it for $700 and drug it home on a uhaul trailer. Only thing that works right now is the breaks. More to follow
  10. My plan would be to fix it up to become my daily driver. I currently drive a 06 Dakota and it just doesn't feel right, I've always been a rusty old truck guy. Anyway I'll drive the Dakota until I'm confident in the MJ then sell the Dakota. Plans always work out perfectly right???
  11. I believe I used Lucas 75/90 synthetic gear oil. Within a week it was getting harder and harder to shift, soon I had to use two hands to pull it into gear. Did some reading and apparently new gear oils have to much sulfur and it eats up the syncro gears in older ax15s. Sold that 94 XJ for a loss. Just worried that someone put new gear oil in this truck. Anyone smarter than me know for sure about gear oils for the AX15? And what happened
  12. I'm always willing to get in over my head (that's how I got my first kid!). I'm not a pro mechanic but I can do quite a bit. I've just never messed with transmissions, except to replace a clutch plate. Is there a good rebuild thread I could read, that would give me an idea if I could do the work. Any specialty tools required?
  13. Anyone have experience with a good transmission shop in Colorado springs area that can rebuild a AX15? I made the mistake of putting modern trans fluid in my 94 XJ AX15, and destroyed the syncro gears. I'm suspecting that could be the problems with this Comanche transmission. Although the owner says it was the slave cylinder and bad lines. Anyone know how to test the transmission when it's pulled?
  14. I definitely want a trail rig I can put my wife and grimlins in, I was thinking I could make this Comanche my daily driver once it's fixed up and sell my 06 Dakota then use that money to build a Cherokee. I think this Comanche would only be worth it if I can get it for less than $700, that price would compensate for dragging it to Colorado. But yes there is always another Jeep out there.
  15. Here are pictures of the Comanche, I think I figured out how to attach them. Anyone know of Comanche projects in Colorado springs area?
  16. Hi guys, just looking for some advice if I should get into this Comanche project. Here's the story I live in Tennessee and am 3 weeks from moving to Colorado springs CO. I was planning on buying an early 90's Cherokee to build a trail rig to explore Colorado in, with my family. But this week a coworker said he recently received orders (we're both army) to move overseas and is selling his 1990 Comanche project (4.0, AX15, LWB, 4x4, pioneer edition). He bought it running but was having problems shifting so started taking the trans out to change the clutch. It's almost out just one of
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