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  1. VIN from my first Comanche. Last seen in Red Lion Pa, October 2005, at a transmission shop ( BA10/5 trans, big surprise)
  2. Eugene the Jeep

    New seat

    This truck came to me with bucket seats, but I needed room for a third person. Had to have a bench seat. Went to Jeep show in The Buck, wasn’t in 10 minutes till the boy saw this. Came with matching interior.
  3. Eugene the Jeep

    New interior

    Picked this dash up due to price, but only after asking how much was involved in change out. Much better condition than original, and it’s a match for my first Comanche.
  4. Eugene the Jeep

    Old interior

    Image of my dash mid-removal. Never liked this color, and it was pretty beat anyway
  5. I purchased the brown (87) Comanche in late summer 1995, was a daily driver until I acquired more vehicles. Thru the years it gained a brush guard off a friends S10 Blazer, then much later got a Skyjacker 3" lift. My brown truck was a Pioneer model, 4.0/5 speed/4WD. Later on we did rebuild the motor (had some spots on the cam worn) and bored it .030 over. Long story short, around 2004 I was short on storage/money, and the truck needed stuff done that I just didnt have the time to do, and it was sold.
  6. I have to get my list. But off the top of my head, I have an air box, taillight and a bench seat on it. Thats only the tip of the iceberg.
  7. I'll be there, but not with my Jeep...I hope to find Comanche parts and ideas this year.
  8. 1987 Jeep Comanche 4.0 Renix 5 speed manual NP231 transfer case D44 axle Build date 9-3-86, Sold by Westminster (Md) A-J-R on 9-23-86 currently located in Red Lion PA Replaced floorboards, repaired frame rot, new tank-pump-sending unit. Headlight relay upgrade completed. Mostly stock. I am the current owner. I got it from my friend, he owned it for a few months before me. He picked it up from West Virginia. This was a farm truck for a few years and it shows. I found what was probably a hidden winch mount on front, and the bumper mounts appear to have been extended at a home or farm shop I removed a fair amount of extra steelwork from the bed, and the truck frame, as it had a dump bed on before my friend had it. Custom fabricated by myself rear bumper ( Flat)
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