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  1. thanks everyone.... I went ahead and sold the XJ with the lift. Will be looking at other options.
  2. Hi, Ive an 1988 MJ short bed. I also have an XJ that came with the MJ. The MJ has no lift but the XJ has a 6.5" lift with new steering, longer control arms, and everything up front to accommodate the lift. All new Bilstein shocks. T-case 1" drop. It seems to have a proper setup. The tires are dangerously bald with holes in the steel belt. the guy was going to use everything off the XJ and transfer it over to the MJ. So my question is how many of you that have a lift 6-6.5" are happy? I want to run 33's. Ive been looking at others photo's and I think I will be happy with 33's. Its pretty much all Ive ever ran and have been more than pleased. Do you think I will be happy with this lift? Yes hard one to answer but I see it as when someone asks you if you are happy with a certain snow tire. And if you think they would be happy using that same snow tire. I like Nokians. lol.... :)
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