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  1. I cut, ground, and shaped the 1998 XJ firewall to fit into my 1988 MJ. I then bolted it on to match and mark areas needing cutting. But here you can see the different between the location of the old steering hole and the one for the 1998. It was my understanding a firewall bearing flange was used to center and maintain proper alignment of the steering shafts so they wouldn’t bind. The photo above of the steering shaft cover that plugs into the 1998 steering hole fits perfectly. So here is the photo of my firewall and then the next is of the firewall bearing flange I was referring to. I thought it used one with three bolt holes rather than two.
  2. This came off a 2000 XJ. It looks different but I think it may work. I’m unsure how this holds the steering shafts so they don’t bind.
  3. This is what I’m looking at. As you can see this is the shaft that mates up to the steer column and then travels through the firewall and connects to the shaft that bolts to the steering box. It only has that rubber boot. I’ve no idea what happened to the part that rubber boot mates up to. I went to the salvage yard and the two XJ’s of the right year had them removed. Blahhhh! Time to call the stealership. That guy is always a fool when it comes to asking for part numbers. Ok just got off the phone with the stealership. He said the parts are no longer available. He has no photos of what the parts look like other than the metal shaft and it has nothing on it . I'm going to another city near by and see what they have on their junk yards
  4. I think it’s number ten. I may end up going to a salvage yard and locating one. I’d rather buy a new part
  5. I’ve started my 97+ dash upgrade. I am currently stuck because I misplaced a part or two for the steering shaft. It the firewall bearing plate that holds the steering shaft in place. The old one used two bolts to hold it. The one I’m looking for has three bolts that hold the plate to the firewall. The only parts I’ve found have the two bolt holes. I could use some help finding proper part number and manufacturers. Thanks
  6. Raven

    A cool read.

    I wasn’t expecting this Wagoneer XJ to be an armored car.
  7. Raven

    A cool read.

    I didn't see this anywhere on the forums. Thought it was pretty cool. Thought Id post it. https://bangshift.com/general-news/this-jeep-cherokee-wagoneer-is-a-woodgrain-paneled-q-ship-and-not-the-go-fast-kind/
  8. Ive seen what happens when people break a C clip axle on the highway. Not a pretty sight. Ill be using the OBD2.
  9. Here is what I'm working with. 1988 MJ converting to 1998 engine, AW4 w/NP242 and Chrysler 8.25. I'm updating the whole truck dash and all to 1998. I figured going with an SOA in the rear like the XJ and using a bastard pack. Then a monkey wrench gets thrown into the mix to knock everything off course. 1990 MJ with an AX15/231 and D44. Has the OEM buckets and interior. Yes it was an Eliminator. Now it is just a parts rig that I can buy for 600. I was pretty happy going the route I was on until this popped up in the radar. My wife is not very pleased as I have three projects I am currently working on. So another parts truck in the garage isnt going to sit well. I prefer a standard transmission but was ok using the AW4 and then converting over later after the other projects are finished. I can still go SOA in the rear but think Id just have some leaf packs cut for a 4.5" lift and then a modified shackle. This is a weekend warrior work truck. Tows a 10' single axle trailer with no more than 1200 pounds which includes the weight of the trailer. Over all around a 4.5-5" lift with 32-33" tires. As of yet Ive not decided what gear ratios I want to use.
  10. The guy I bought this MJ from really just threw it together. He did put the rear lower control arm adjustment. He just bolted it together. it didn’t show anything in the Haynes manual. And I thought I had taken the caster adj bracket with the sh8ms off my MJ. I finally decided to check. I never took them off. The skins are looked the same thickness. There are six onerous them. So I installed them on our sons MJ. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the help.
  11. Stock running height with four cylinder. I pulled the front axle out. The po did a crap job at converting it over to 4WD. It now has the straight axle back in it. Now I’m stuck. I’ve done searches and only seem to find shimming for lifts. Can anyone let me know how many shims on the lower control arms are used to adjust the front so I can drive it safely for a complete alignment at a shop?
  12. Sorry for the late update.... but I'm still working on it... life gets in the way at times. But here is what I have to date. MJ- The complete doors, fenders, and interior from the B pillar forward is pulled. The wiring harness is pulled. The cab is now an empty shell. 1998 XJ. Same thing here. And I will be using the 4.0, AW4 and 424 in the MJ. Thats where I am for now.
  13. Raven

    KJ CRD question

    I hate to say do a search on the jeep crd with injector issues, but that actually is the best idea to see if it is a common problem and how it was fixed. Those engine had to be used in more than one vehicle. You can also inquire about the cost to have the fuel injectors tested, rebuilt, and calibrated.
  14. Raven


    Pete if you goto the Jeep website it’ll have all models with pricing. Gladiator Rubicons starting price is around what our local dealer is asking for a base model.
  15. Raven


    My wife just told me she wants a Gladiator Rubicon so we are going to be shopping after the new year with hopes the stealership stop gouging the prices. The local Jeep dealer wants just over 43,000 for a base model with no options.
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