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  1. Raven

    KJ CRD question

    I hate to say do a search on the jeep crd with injector issues, but that actually is the best idea to see if it is a common problem and how it was fixed. Those engine had to be used in more than one vehicle. You can also inquire about the cost to have the fuel injectors tested, rebuilt, and calibrated.
  2. Raven


    Pete if you goto the Jeep website it’ll have all models with pricing. Gladiator Rubicons starting price is around what our local dealer is asking for a base model.
  3. Raven


    My wife just told me she wants a Gladiator Rubicon so we are going to be shopping after the new year with hopes the stealership stop gouging the prices. The local Jeep dealer wants just over 43,000 for a base model with no options.
  4. Picked these up the other day for 200usd, set of five.
  5. BTW... I did brush off the other pack to check for numbers to see if it was aftermarket. No numbers etc..
  6. I thought MT’s had two overload springs on the bottom? I’ve bought three MJ’s and all have the single overload leaf.
  7. I’m just curious what spring packs. They’re on a short bed MJ.
  8. I might pick up the Clayton adjustable tracking bar and bracket. He wants a 100 for both.
  9. Today for 50 dollars I picked up some Bilstein 5100's and 5125's. Bought a three core all metal radiator that's steel and not aluminum for $15. Four Pro Comp Bump Stops for $175. Two Pro Comp coils (3" lift). A set of Q-tec rear leaf springs (that I won't be using). And a lifted rear shackle. I was just after the coils but the whole set was 40 dollars. I grabbed a few other things but these are the things I wanted. Here is what she looks like after the new doors, fenders, hood, and grill.
  10. I traded the fenders, hood ($40), doors for Gunmetal Blue fenders. hood, doors, etc... Ive the fenders on today. Might put both doors on tomorrow (Monday).
  11. Ive not checked. I'm going to guess its an NP231 as I know its not a 242. . This has an AW4 that I'm not going to use. More than likely I will pull the engine and transmission together and place it in storage.
  12. I bought a set of wheels last week for 100 dollars. These are a bit bigger than what came off the truck. I also recently purchased an 1998 XJ Limited Ed. for a reasonable price with new tires.
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