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  1. Hi Manche 757, There are not any annotated drawings. This plans were all done in my head each step of the way. However, I did take pictures each step of the way. I will post more pictures when time permits. In the meantime, if any one has any questions I would be more then happy to assist. These swaps are very involved and require a lot of research and time to complete everything with all the electronics and mechanical devises working correctly. After five long months I finally feel like everything is working correctly. Time to build the skid plates so I can tame this beast. Lol!
  2. Just running two 5 gallon tanks and the relay for the air horns while in motion. Air fittings for filling up the tires and that. See picture below for location of horns.
  3. That about the size of my air horn. And yes I am running the Escalade alternator. I have the gauge for the compressor there.
  4. Looks good. I just finished one with a LS2 and it is a lottttttttt of work.
  5. I also have a winch control inside as well as a line lock for the rear. The S POD runs the rock lights, air compressor, overhead led, bumper led, rear bed led, rear additional backup lights, camera system which shows the two front tires as well as one rear passenger and one under neath. The actual horn button goes to a big train horn. Lol!
  6. I added a speedometer and a tachometer from Holley. The speedometer works off of the satellite and tachometer is a standard four wire tach. I also added a fuel gauge and sending unit which was from Pep Boys. I had to pull the cluster apart but I liked the results. See pictures below
  7. Hi MJ, I Decided to use the Holly stand alone gauge set. The speedometer runs off off the satellite and the tach works of the GM signal wire perfect. I retrofitted it into the stock console. I think it turned out pretty nice. See picture below:
  8. As soon as I get some time I will start a build page. I have a lot of pictures of the whole engine transmission and motor mounts from the swap. It was out of a Cadillac Escalade. It’s a 6.0 with a cast block and aluminum heads. I wanted a lot of torque and the LQ9 engine provided that.
  9. Thanks for getting the post corrected. I will make sure I start a new post in the future. HI Hornbrod - I am using a stock PCM out of a 2004 Escalade. I am not piggy backing the original pcm. The Vss is on the atlas transfer case and is a two wire VSS.
  10. Hi Everyone, I was excited to find a bunch of individuals who share the passion for the Comanche vehicles. And yes, I am located in California. Over here there are a lot of yotas and JK’s. I wanted something different and when I found this Comanche I couldn’t wait to add the LS2 motor and deck it out for its intended use. I like to trail it as well as some mild rock crawling. So far it has forged 4 to 5 foot rocks and seems to do pretty good. I use it but try not to abuse it too much. I have been working on it for about 5 months and am about 90 percent complete. It’s running very well and currently I am installing Holley gauges. I am very meticulous and want everything working 100 percent. As for the hours in it I have lost track but it’s more then anyone can imagine. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. I will post more pictures tonight. It currently puts out around 400hp with a 4l65 built transmission . It has 1 ton built axles with an atlas twin stick transfer case. 5,38 gears with a spool in the rear and Detroit locker in the front. Line lock for the the rear when you need to shuffle. Built in winch and a SPod to run all the lights.
  12. I have owned and built several jeeps but for some reason they just do not compare to the Comanche. Below are a few pictures:
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