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  1. There are many great movies listed above, of which only one I haven't seen. I will be watching The Prestige soon. For those who haven't seen the Marvel movie The Punisher (2004), it is a fun 1st time flick. Forest Gump is my answer simply because my daughter was so young when we would watch it together. I wish knowing now what I didn't know then, I could have that time back!
  2. The old school in me says "#2 with white body!"
  3. The mirrors looked cool but not good for driving. Vibration, small size and location made them unsafe IMO. I replaced with after market mirrors which mounted in corner of door in front of vent window.
  4. Basanova69

    moon go bye bye

    Looks awesome. Won't see another until 2021. iPhone doesn't cut it. Totality south of Chicago in about 15 Min.
  5. Just received my care package. Thanks Pete! The poster is awesome. Can't wait to frame and hang.
  6. Thanks for sharing the post and updating. Truly awesome truck, great find and vision to honor "The Legend"! When reading through your post I especially enjoyed the picture of Cody. I've owned Labs for 30yrs. and currently have two brothers. Charley (yellow) and Oakley (black). I know I'm off subject but Oakley came up to me for attention when I was reading your post. The pic of Cody reminded me of several old friends and made me smile with good memories. Oakley and Charley about 6yrs ago. Congrats to you and the Mrs. on your 1st house!
  7. Nice rig Comanchekid45! Congrats on the awards. I need to see more pics please. Walker Evans is the Man!
  8. Thanks! I almost used the embedded link but wasn't sure if it was o.k.
  9. Recently found this race. I'm a newbie to MJ's but an older man who enjoyed the hell out of Walker Evans driving. Just thought I'd share.
  10. Che found me when I was helping my live in nephew buy a fuel efficient car for his fall semester at trade school. 3" Rusty's lift My 18yo son and nephew doing rear brakes. 2.5l 4cyl. 88,000 mi. 1 owner before me. After the lift At home on the Kankakee River! Dreaming of my next Comanche!!!!
  11. Basanova69


    Nice. Thank you for your dedication to this web site. I had no idea when I purchased my comanche that there was such a following. I just new it was cool. My son and my nephew that I took in a couple years ago are now dedicated to helping me work on her. I supervised them doing the front brakes an now they want to help with the lift kit. Teach your children well!
  12. Basanova69


    I like the look, hope to get mine there soon. Is che still rolling?
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