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  1. I stopped by after work and got the RH taillight and cab vent covers. I pulled off the rear slider seal to find glass glued in with windshield adhesive. I didn’t have the time or tools to remove. The bench seat wasn’t too bad(tan). F clip, doors, wheels and tailgate are gone.
  2. I just found this ad: https://racine.craigslist.org/pts/d/racine-jeep-comanche-tailgate/7076471615.html Jeep Comanche MJ (‘86-‘92) tailgate in great condition, with everything there, ready to install on your Comanche. $150 o.b.o. Need gone today. Text or call for any more info at 262-Three44-588Six. Thanks
  3. Thanks to all who responded. I believe from the info(and correct me if I'm wrong) I have the Grizzlies. The two pics I posted are the same wheel, one pic w/flash to show more detail. They are not in the best condition but I actually like them more now with all the info you guys came up with. Thanks and have a Great 2020.
  4. Thanks ES526. I had my doubts they were O.E. but can't find what they are from.
  5. I am currently running aftermarket wheels and 31" tires just for the fun factor, but I'm thinking about new rubber on the wheels that came with the MJ for summer/highway use. Are the wheels in the pictures O.E. for 1988 MJ? Are they common or desirable? Any info is appreciated.
  6. Finally replaced the plastic valve cover w/ aluminum.
  7. 2019 Wildlife Photo Of The Year!
  8. There are many great movies listed above, of which only one I haven't seen. I will be watching The Prestige soon. For those who haven't seen the Marvel movie The Punisher (2004), it is a fun 1st time flick. Forest Gump is my answer simply because my daughter was so young when we would watch it together. I wish knowing now what I didn't know then, I could have that time back!
  9. The old school in me says "#2 with white body!"
  10. The mirrors looked cool but not good for driving. Vibration, small size and location made them unsafe IMO. I replaced with after market mirrors which mounted in corner of door in front of vent window.
  11. Looks awesome. Won't see another until 2021. iPhone doesn't cut it. Totality south of Chicago in about 15 Min.
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