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  1. I.D. Sparks

    buckeye comanches

    Clyde oh and selling my Comanche along with information on two potential rebuild or good parts jeep
  2. I.D. Sparks

    1989 jeep comanche for $650 OHIO

    2.5L 4 speed manual 2wd short bed 119,387.4 miles Needs: head gasket (leak on #4), brakes master,driver side floor plan, slave cylinder, and steering box and pump. Has new: windshield (safelight install) and rear glass, aluminum radiator, rear bumper, gas tank (new filter when installed ) positive and negative cables, alternator. Spare parts: driver door, rear glass gasket, water pump (new in the box), full size spare with matching size tire(235/75-r15) Hard top tunnel cover (need a new seal) Description: 28 years old jeep that still runs just need everything else to work. The fog lights are wired in to the factory harness. Radio is not working due to a internal short. Transmission Goes through all the gears with no issues. The drum brakes in the rear are long over due. Despite the age the starter is the original Bosh factory-installed still works. Either $650 or off to the scrap yard May 25 2018