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  1. I took this video the day after I brought her home this summer. I chuckle now when I watch it because I've learned so much about the truck since then. But it does give a better idea of the condition when I first got it!
  2. Previous owner put a short ram intake on my truck but I'd prefer to have the stock OEM air box. I've got a 1987 4.0 Renix MJ. I live in Maryland but I'm willing to pay shipping costs for a reasonably priced air box.
  3. Thank you! Nice to see another fellow MD resident on here.
  4. Undergoing suspension surgery! More details to come. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Wow that first pic is flat out depressing :ack: but it looks like you are making great progress!
  6. "15 minutes into working on the Comanche and I already smell like PB Blaster and ball sweat..."

  7. "15 minutes into working on the Comanche and I already smell like PB Blaster and ball sweat..." - @mrbcook

  8. Welcome! Get ready to Just Empty Every Pocket :laughin:
  9. Previous owner had it but it looks like you can find em on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/86-87-Jeep-Comanche-Factory-Side-Fender-Script-Emblem-1-/222295675976?hash=item33c1dad448:g:C~cAAOSwYIxX6p4T&vxp=mtr
  10. This site is an amazing resource and I'm happy to contribute to keep it alive!
  11. Thanks man I really appreciate it! Yeah it can be a real challenge to find a solid Comanche, especially if you don't live in a very populated area. I had been searching craigslist/autotrader/ebay for weeks and when I found this one I pounced on it immediately. And I still had to drive 4 hours one way! It needed (and still needs) plenty of work, but it ran/drove and was mostly rust free. Just keep looking -- you'll find one, and you'll be happy when you do! I love my truck.
  12. Quick little before and after video showing the difference my new BOSCH 69302 fuel pump (and a new transmission mount) makes: BEFORE - I didn't even know what the noise was at the time of this filming, I was gonna post up on here to get you guy's help, but then I figured it out: AFTER It's so quiet I can barely hear it! Huge improvement. And the new transmission mount means my exhaust isn't rattling against my crossmember anymore. I'm happy to have a quiet truck again!
  13. Thanks man! Honestly I'm not sure I'm gonna keep the 2 tone look long term. When I have it repainted my plan is to have that bedliner across the bottom removed and have it painted all white. I'll probably keep the fender flares and bumpers black but that's all. In other updates: I successfully sold my old BFG 32s on Craigslist for $600 which I was happy with. Right now, the truck is back in the shop getting a few things done that I didn't feel like tackling myself: New transmission mount to fix my exhaust rattling against the cross member issue New Bosch fuel pump to hopefully resolve my extremely loud fuel pump issue Diagnosing some faulty wiring that is causing my aftermarket fuel guage to read backwards (E when full, F when empty) Next up after all that I'll tackle the following (or have a shop tackle it for me, lol): Dual diaphragm brake booster upgrade Bilstein 5100 shocks in the front Diagnose/fix clunking noise coming from the lower control arms Lately I'm thinking I might have to rename this thread, the truck will be clean, but it's not really "simple". The longer I've had it, the more I've appreciated the lift/bigger tires look!
  14. Congrats from another Marylander! I've been keeping an eye on that truck on Craiglist since it went up. I'm jealous! You don't find them that nice very often, treat her well :thumbsup:
  15. Wow I had no clue this was a thing but I think this is the problem. I stuck my hand out the window while driving and the light bar was loose enough to move up and down and little. It changed the sound as I moved it and if I held my hand behind the fins it stopped :o I'll look into this some more but I think we may have a winner! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Ok I'll try that out and report back later with the results. It's a gradual increase, as I accelerate it starts to get louder and louder, then as I decelerate it slowly dies down. Yes it does seem to change with speed, but sometimes it dies down a little even while I'm maintaining the same speed.
  17. Yeah I saw that one on Craigslist and if I was still in the market I might have snatched that thing up, especially if it was 4x4. It appears to be in great shape.
  18. Hey guys, whenever I get above maybe 10-15mph, I start hearing these very annoying whining sounds in the cab of my truck. It doesn't occur at idle or low speeds. Whining is the only word I can think of to describe it. Haven't been able to pinpoint where it is coming from, any ideas? Stereo is off. YouTube video:
  19. 33x12.5x15s on and looking beefy! Gonna keep these for awhile I hope. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Bit the bullet and moved up to 33x12.5x15s today. Wish I had bought these in the first place but oh well, live and learn. They look much more appropriate for my lift size. I'm pretty much set on keeping my current lift now, just gonna replace some stuff in the front end to make it ride smoother. The guy at Pep Boys looked at me like I had 2 heads because my other tires were basically brand new. I just said, "I wanted bigger tires" lol. Don't think he got it :/ Gonna sell my 32s on Craigslist hopefully someone wants em. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Working at No Such Agency? Haha...Never Say Anything Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Cybersecurity engineer, government contractor
  23. Rehost those pics on a proper image hosting site like Imgur or something! Would love to see some progress :thumbsup:
  24. Got some time to work on the truck yesterday. Swapped my drivers side vent window to fixed so now both vents are fixed, just the way I wanted it! Also did some cleaning on the inside, doors are now both pretty clean and I took part of the dash apart to do some more deep cleaning. There's dirt and dust everywhere in this thing! I'm honestly considering taking it to a professional detailer, especially to get the underside and interior cleaned up. I continue to lean towards keeping the current lift setup and then move up to 33s. I've even started considering 35s recently :o Inchitis is real folks...especially since at one point I considered bringing this truck back to a stock look. Oh and I figured out that my rear axle is actually a Dana 44, not a D35 like the previous owner told me. So needless to say that was awesome to find out! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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