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  1. Thanks for the help everyone. And to answer mj junkie it's a five speed.
  2. Hey y'all, long time Jeep owner, first time 4.0 owner, question, I've got an 87 Chief with 127xxx miles on it, granted not all of those miles were gentle, it's got a 10" lift and all that, well it's had royal purple ran through her since day one, recently i've had some financial difficulties and can no longer run synthetics, had to downgrade to a conventional oil, after changing the oil from royal purple to Kendall HD40 i'm getting a slight engine knock from the lower end, it's only at idle and low RPMs and only when it's warmed up, when it's cold in the morning it purrs like a kitten, I can't figure out for the life of me what it is. Should I be alarmed or is it something that y'all think will work itself out over time? I've still got normal oil pressure, haven't lost any power that i can tell, and doesn't seem to be causing any issues, so i don't think it's a rod knock but idk.
  3. I've tried literally everything you guys have suggested and still have no progress whatsoever, in fact now my taillights are out too haha, not any fault of y'all of course, probably something i did wrong being as uneducated in wiring as I am. Think I may just have to take it to my local dodge dealer and have them take a look. Was hoping to avoid that since I know how expensive electrical stuff can be :/
  4. No towing wiring, I have replaced the flashers and yes aftermarket stereo but not hooked up.
  5. As much as I have loved all my Jeeps, every single one has been a wiring nightmare and I will be the first to admit, I don't know Jack when it comes to wiring and electrical systems. So here's my latest dilemma, I just received my new MJ from my uncle, It's very well built and was very well taken care of, however it did sit for a while and i think that may be the root of these problems. So I have working taillights, brake lights, hazard lights, headlights, license plate lights and side marker lights in the front, however, i have no front running lights, back up lights or blinkers, If i have my foot on the brake i can manually work the blinkers but only the rear ones light up, still nothing in front, and I can only do that when i have my foot on the brake, once i take my foot off the brake there is no light at all. I'm completely stumped, I already cleaned the entire fuse block and replaced every single fuse with a brand new one of the correct amperage. Don't know if it's connected or not but i also have no dash lights. Any advice at all is most appreciated, I'm pulling my hair out over here.
  6. Sounds like a fun build, hope you figure out how to post some pics, would love to see it! FYI If it's a true Comanche Chief it should come from the factory with a Dana 44 rear with limited slip dif. I know mine did.,
  7. 1987 Jeep Comanche Chief 4X4 Engine: 4.0 Inline 6 with 128XXX original miles. Transmission: 5 Speed manual transmission. Front Axle: Dana 30 Rear Axle: Dana 44 With factory locker. Build Date: 1987 I don't know the month, the sticker is there but is impossible to make out. Current Location: Washington state, Cowlitz County. Status: Running/driving everyday project and weekend wheeler. Notes: Factory AC that actually works! Engine only has 128XXX original miles, runs smooth and quiet, straight piped with a glasspack chrome tail pipe. 10" lift adjustable to 15" sitting on 35" BFG Mud Terrains, quick release track bar, skid plate on fuel tank Exterior: Maroon on black trim, "Comanche Chief" on door with pin striping still in tact, Black custom offroad front bumper with skid plate, black rear bumper, black snorkel, black aftermarket fender flares, steel roll bar in bed, black with red and blue pinstriped offroad wheels (can't remember brand) Interior: All Maroon, manual door locks, manual windows (the way i like it) wing windows and real slider window that are all functioning, full gauge cluster, cloth bucket seats with middle console, Current Owner: Me, my uncle bought this truck 8 years ago bone stock, I've been trying to get this truck out of him for all 8 of those years, he finally said I could have her, her name is Cheyenne, I'm never getting rid of her, gonna keep her till the day I die at which point I'll pass her on to my children who will hopefully keep her on the road and more importantly in the mud!
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