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  1. Happy dance here, got Ol' Blue's troubles fixed. Double checked everything, vacuum lines, fittings, connectors, grounds etc.. MAP sensor vacuum line was broken at the throttle body. Thankful that I kept all the old vacuum lines and harnesses, had to make one from scratch-----and it worked like a champ. Idles smooth and runs awesome :) Here's a pic of the line I made and one of the engine before I dropped it in Ol' Blue ('90 Pioneer, 4.0, auto, tilt, cruise).
  2. I replaced all the vacuum lines (new harnesses and a few of the lines that didn't come with them) and this is one that I replaced with all new line and fittings. I have some pics I took of the engine before I pulled it. Will compare them with the way it is now. Also have schematics and diagrams I printed out to work with. Wish me luck, and Cruiser's Tips is the "Bible" for me :)
  3. Nope, rough idle, runs rich no matter what rpm. Thinking maybe the throttle body might be plugged up inside somewhere. At a loss right now
  4. I just replaced the 4.0 in my '90 Pioneer with another one. Engine was running fine (except for the rod knocking) running on all 6, smooth idle, plenty of pep. Well, the swap went pretty smooth. Only mod I did to the engine, put in new 4 hole injectors. Had to pull them out, two injectors started spraying gas everywhere (had cracks in the bodies). Put the old injectors back in, no leaks. Get ready to fire it up, now it idles really rough (sounds like a healthy race cam in it) exhaust is extremely rich (old injectors are single hole). I used the same throttle body that I took off the old engine
  5. Got it Pete :) You are 100% right, sorry about that.
  6. Sorry that I haven't updated this lately. "Ol' Blue" is starting to look a bit better since I first brought him home. Replaced the driver's door, installed a full gauge cluster, f & r shocks, put in a new stereo, swapped the new tires and wheels over from "The Beast" ('90 Sportruck, swb, 2.5, 4 speed). Sold it to get "Ol' Blue". List of a things in it; 4.0, auto, AC, tilt, cruise, comfort/power switch for the trans.. Lower end rattles like crazy, #5 rod bearing is about toast---#4 not so bad. Will be replacing the 4.0 before too long. Bought new carpet, headliner material, seat foam and
  7. '90 Pioneer, 4.0, automatic, 2wd, ps/pb/ac/cruise. Color-blue. Floor pans are pristine, no rust (not even surface rust). Bought it on 08/06/2018, saved it from local salvage yard. Needs and engine and driver's side door. Build date; 07/89 Plan to rebuild and make it my daily driver, keep it all stock.
  8. Here's some part numbers and specs for the fuel pumps that I have found available from Autozone (through Delphi) prices included. Prices are current in Topeka, Ks., may be higher or lower in some areas, I don't know. Replacement Fuel Pump (no strainer, nothing but the pump and O-ring seal for the lock ring) CFE-0054 List Price--$78.99 System Pressure-17 psi, Flow Rate-28 gph, Maximum Pressure-58 psi HP10147/CHP10147 (complete hanger assembly, sending unit/pump/strainer/hanger/lock ring and seal) List Price-$71.99 System Pressure-36 psi, Flow Rate-32 gp
  9. OK folks, I found out some great news on where and how to get ahold of a NEW sending unit for our MJs. First off, my unit was totally fried. I did countless hours/days searching online and calling 100's of places, no luck. I did manage to find a few places that offer cleaning and/or rewiring the original. Prices usually started around $75.00 for just a cleaning, upwards of almost $200.00 for rewrapping the windings. But lucky me, go to your local auto parts store and buy the Delphi HP10147/CHP10147 fuel pump assembly. It is a complete hanger assembly, pump/hanger/filter sock/ and a NEW fuel s
  10. Hi "Gatorgirl", Took the old sending unit apart, found out the "card" was totally burnt in two pieces, wire winding was shorted out and burned in 4 spots. Had to buy another pump hanger assembly just to get another sending unit. The gas gauge is working once again :) Thank you, Papa Mel Happy Trails :)
  11. Hi everyone, found out why my fuel gauge hasn't been working for the past few months. Pulled the fuel pump out and checked the sending unit. Seems there was a lot of resin/corrosion between the "slider arm" and the copper wire strip. It ate through the wiring in 4 different spots (looked like it shorted out). After swapping 3 different fuel gauges, decided to pull the pump today. '90 MJ, 2.5, short bed, small tank. If anyone has one, please let me know what you want ($) for it plus shipping to 66607 (Topeka, Ks.). Many many thanks in advance, Papa Mel
  12. ***Side Note*** When I first spun the needle on the fuel gauge, there was some drag on it (felt magnetic in nature). But after a few spins it loosened up. The drag kept coming back after removing and replacing each screw----until the last one. It just popped right over where it should have been at.
  13. That has me stumped, I have no answer-----just that it worked. Maybe being electrical and magnetic----it have "reset" the field in the gauge? I don't know, I'm not a rocket scientist or an engineer. As I said, I run all new ground wires to the big connector (snipped all the stock ones) and the fuel gauge was still pegged out. I did the above----and it worked. If I would have known it was going to work-----I would have made a video of me doing it :)
  14. I wanted to go in with a full gauge cluster, my old cluster was working just fine, but I wanted to know more of what was going on under the hood. Got a cluster from an '89 XJ, mine is a '90 MJ (told it would be plug-n-play). Pulled the battery cables off, cleaned all ground connections, replaced the water temp sensor and oil pressure sensor with ones for gauges. Pulled the old cluster, put the new one in. Put cables back on, turned the key to ON. Fuel gauge was pegged at the 5 o'clock position, voltmeter was the only gauge that worked. Rechecked all grounds and connections, plugged it back in-
  15. Need some help/input fellas. Doing a full gauge swap into my '90 MJ, the gauge cluster came from an '89 XJ. No matter what I do, all gauges work except for the fuel gauge, it pegs way past the full mark (5 o'clock position). I ran a new full ground wire to the connector, tied pins 5 and 10 together, same thing. Someone mentioned that maybe the fuel gauge is wired backwards/opposite from my original gauge. Said something about he had to switch two wires to get his to read right. Not sure if he meant the wires near the tank or just switch out two pins on the connector. If it was the pins----whic
  16. Found the C213 connector at the IGN module, opened the lock cover, pulled out the dust boot on the green wire w/ tracer-----is there a secret/trick to getting the wire out? Can't see where the little lock tab is located on the pin.
  17. Bought the cluster ($70) from a fellow MJ'er, said it came out of a running '89 XJ. Will try the IGN module tip :) Water and fuel gauge, key on---needles go to max reading, running---needles go way past. Tach' needle barely moves until I touch the gas pedal. Thinking this cluster is crap and about to put the old one back in.
  18. I pulled both printed circuits and used a lamp from behind and looked through a jewelers loupe. Checked every circuit, no breaks/ cracks/ separations----not even so much as a scratch to be seen. Cleaned all contact points and tabs with an eraser, finished with Q-Tips dipped in alcohol (rubbing, not drinking---that would be alcohol abuse) LOL :) Cleaned both connectors in the dash that plug into the cluster. Cleaned the ground connections, one under the dash, one on the firewall next to the fuse box and the one on the firewall next to the MAP sensor. Cleaned both ends of both battery cables.
  19. '90 MJ, cluster is from an '89 XJ. MJ has the 2.5----unsure what the XJ had. I checked and double checked the #'s for both the oil and water---both check out for '90 MJ with the 2.5 (gauges)----same #'s for an '89 XJ.
  20. I have a '90 MJ, just installed full gauge cluster from an '89 XJ. Replaced water temp' sensor and oil pressure sensor (both say for gauges). Installed the gauge cluster, nothing is working right. Water, oil and fuel gauges are pegged all the way to the right of their gauge readings. Tach' barely moves above "0"rpm's at idle. Check both sides of fuse #17 (gauges) for voltage, checks out OK. Checked and cleaned all connectors and grounds, get the same readings from the gauges. Illumination, turn signals, high beam, seat belt lights all work. First picture shows the cluster before I installed i
  21. I thought with mine being a little 4 banger, getting it quiet would be a piece of cake----wrong. It now sounds like my Honda generator that I take with us when we go camping, LOL :) It's not an uncomfortable sound, just a bit louder than what I had in mind. Still wanting to do either a GM V6 or an LS1 swap-----sometime, but having too much fun with this little sewing machine motor for now :)
  22. Yesterday was so nice, I decided to rip off the entire exhaust system on "The Beast" and put the one on. What I really wanted and what I ended up with is entirely different. I had bought everything, except for the muffler. Went to AutoZone and asked the associate what's the quietest muffler he had that I could put on a '90 Jeep Comanche with a 2.5 engine. His reply; "Well, I could sell you this Magnaflow for about $140.00--------or I could sell you this Thrush muffler for about $24.00. They both sound really quiet, but there is a big difference in price." I went with the Thrush, should h
  23. Need to know if anyone has used the Dorman Vacuum Line Set (46003) on a 2.5? Says it's for the 4.0, but it looks mighty close to what's on my '90 2.5 Many thanks in advance, Papa Mel and "The Beast"
  24. If I remember correctly, there is a member here that said if there was enough of an interest/demand---he would look into seeing if he could make reproduction tail light assemblies (L/R). Was wondering how his idea/plan is shaping up. I know of a few fellas in other clubs/sites that are very interested, including myself.
  25. I went to Harbor Freight and bought a welder's mat, think I paid around $10 for it. Punched a couple of holes in it, used zip ties through then and around the fuel lines, problem solved. Just remember to cut the zip ties and remove the mat when you are finished :)
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