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  1. Warren i have my Comanche in Harrisburg Craigslist if you know any one interested
  2. I have a set of 35/12.50/15 that fit great under that rig. If you live in central Pa.
  3. I was pretty shocked when I saw it that dashboard at the junk yard.
  4. This was a father/son project that turned into a fathers project! Raptor lined the Comanche in Jeep Wrangler “tank” color and the bed was raptor lined black. The interior was an obnoxious blue so we found a black dash at the bone yard and swapped it out. Still has the blue bench seat but that will get swapped soon. I just need to find a swanky/ functional rear bumper. You would think living next to Rousch creek off road park I would be able to locate cool parts but not to my luck.
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