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  1. Mj4life

    Injector upgrade

    I will look at the injectors while I look for a vacume leak. What should the psi be for the injectors?
  2. Mj4life

    Injector upgrade

    I'll look there's when I have it in my shop tonight.
  3. Mj4life

    Injector upgrade

    1987/4.0 Have to see but a guy I know has them, haven't heard from him. And exactly when I meant. Maybe I primed the motor too much and too much fuel went I to the cylinders And when I drive it, its running like it wants to shut off. I have smoke coming from the exhaust and smells like gas.
  4. Mj4life

    Injector upgrade

    Cap and rotor?
  5. So I did my injectors last night, upgraded my injectors from the single port to the 4port injectors and now it feels like its flooding the motor with fuel. Not sure what it is, maybe from priming the motor a little too much?
  6. Mj4life

    NY 1986 lwb 2.8 v6 part out 36k miles

    Hopefully lines and the sending unit from my mj fit right on lol.
  7. Mj4life

    NY 1986 lwb 2.8 v6 part out 36k miles

    I'll definitely be interested in the gas tank. Would it fit a 87?
  8. Mj4life

    NY 1986 lwb 2.8 v6 part out 36k miles

    Any holes in the gas tank?
  9. Mj4life

    MJ custom tail lights

    If you do that for side work and decide to do it for others let me know. I'll send you my tail lights and have you do them while I am away at bootcamp.
  10. Mj4life

    XJ Seat Conversion

    Brackets from the bench seats wouldn't fit on the bucket seats of a newer jeeps? Figured they would work unless the mounting holes on the sliders are different.
  11. Mj4life

    extended cab Comanche

    There has been one person that has definitely did a extended cab mj but I believe he's not on this site. He used a xj front end and used the mj rear. He welded them together and made it stronger.
  12. Mj4life

    XJ Seat Conversion

    Grind down the rivets of the brackets under the bench seats. Use a hammer and chisel to separate the brackets from the bench seats. There are spot welds that also hold the brackets to the seat frames so get ready to either use a drill to get them off or man handle them which I did. And then use a dolly to straighten them out. Then vise versa for the bucket seats.
  13. Mj4life

    MJ custom tail lights

    Mike that looks awesome still, great work.
  14. Mj4life

    Jeep Upgraded Injectors Shipped MI

    Do you have a PayPal account and how do I use it?
  15. Mj4life

    Spare tire carrier?

    Most likely going to use the first tire carrier from the first link johnj put.