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  1. Hey guys I've read most of this and well I'm in dire need of one the gear inside my PB that combines the pedal to the housing well in simple terms is @#$%ing gone, when i bought it I thought the teeth were just worn to find when i disassembled it they actually removed it and due to the fact i live in a very sloped mountain area i need it seeing as my gears cannot hold the truck in place when parking. Most shops here won't do the cherokee swap because i have a bench seat. Please email me any factor that i can use. Email because I'm hardly at my computer. Thank you for any assistance and info you can give in advance, I'm pretty much at a brick wall and need a fix solution fast.
  2. Building New Custom Rockers woo

  3. this is definitley something i need on fuel pump previous owner put another gauge in and both read full bit never go down thanks for this, a shop said i needed to buy the whole unit again
  4. So i have a 2.5 and my gas gauge isnt working and i can't find just the guage sender any suggestions would be helpful or is my only choive a hole new unit together(pump and all)
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