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  1. Looking at the RC 4.5 Lift for my 1989 MJ 2WD. My question is, Can i use it on my 2WD MJ or is it only for 4WD MJs
  2. The cooler line connections that connect to the aw4 transmission on my 89 jeep Comanche were leaking when to change both out and as i threaded one of the line connector in to the aw4 trans in snapped the threads on the housing, my question is can just but a weld in the whole and only have one transmission cooler line or will it cause problems,
  3. Yes it does get worse with more gas, I'm using 10w-40 mobile one full synthetic, wear should I stick the screw driver to the block?
  4. My Comanche makes a ticking noise when I accelerate, it has about 140,000 miles on it fresh oil change as well. I'm thinking it's maybe an exhuast leak any ideas???
  5. Thanks, my truck is at an angle lol that's why I was tempted to take the cover off thx
  6. Can i use the drain hole on the cover to refill the diff?
  7. What diff oil goes the Dana 35 and do I need to add any friction modificer??
  8. 1989 Jeep Comanche 4.0 Auto and I can't tell if the fuse is bad it has a silver case around it. It's not your typical fuse. I only put the paper clip in for a hot second to see if I could get the wipers to work. Thanks for your info
  9. In the process of doing the rear disc conversion on my 89 Comanche Dana 35 none clip. My question is could I run the stock master cylinder and brake booster? Or will I have to upgrade??
  10. So my wipers don't work I tired putting a paper clip where the fuse goes and I still got nothing, does this mean the motor is bad or is the an issue with the wiring
  11. I'm tired of looking at my clear coolant resivor, I've seen guys with nice metal ones, does anyone know were I can buy one from??
  12. Working on my 89 Comanche doing a read disc conversion on a Dana 35 none C-Clip Removed the axles and noticed that the tapered bearing on the passenger side is damaged. Can I and How do I remove the Bearing race from the axle tube please help
  13. What opening degree thermostat for the 4.0??
  14. I seen that but isn't it set up for drums would you want something that would apply more break fluid/ pressure to the new rear disc brakes?
  15. What do you mean by bolt in axles?? How do I tell if they are or now ??
  16. hey y'all want to swap my rear drums for disc brakes don't want to swap out axles want to stay with the dana 35. what parts can i use or are there any kits that would work????
  17. What oil are you guys and gals running in your Comanches 4.0 liter preferred,
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