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  1. Has anybody used a comanche for plowing snow? Yeah, I know; unibody, 5sp, etc. What setup did you use? Thanks
  2. I've seen many posts about fuel delivery issues. I have an 89 Mj that has many PO mods and fixes so it is hard to diagnose things. Current issue: was wheeling last weekend and hit hard over a jersey barrier, truck went dead, crank but no start and no fuel pressure. Many curse words later, chasing connections etc, this is what I have. 10.56v in at ceramic restrictor. Fuel pump (out of tank) will crank at 10.5 but only if hard grounded with jumper I fixed to battery. Question. Does this pump only operate if grounded to the tank?? Stock wiring will not work. I have redone ground at rear taillight. Thoughts?
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