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  1. Seems like I'm having the same problem as Jordan. I ran a wire from the fuse block to the head unit. Turns on when the key is turned on and turns off when key is off. BUT it's not saving settings. Its resetting everytime you turn it on and off. And when you turn the truck off and turn it back on, you have to manually turn the radio on. I'll be finagling with it tomorrow. Guess I'm looking for that wire that saves memory or whatever.
  2. So this evening i was working on my mj, which i normally do during the day so I've had no reason to turn the lights on. Anyways, I noticed that my guages do not light up when i turn the headlights on. Turn signals and brights indicators work, but thats it. Now, I haven't checked the fuses yet, which i intend to do in the morning...Just wondering what else it could be if the fuses are all fine? I looked at all the bulbs and none appear to be burnt out. And on a side note...I installed (or attempted to) a new head unit. Now I've installed probably close to 50 radios, mostly all in GM vehicle
  3. Thanks for this post...just ordered my chrysler 8.25 SOA perches!
  4. Well I had to make due with what I had. Took an old piece of headliner and filled the hole where the sunroof was. Found a console out of a Tahoe that fits quite nicely too and will add good source of light and storage. Also ordered visor covers to match. I am putting new liner on an XJ sound bar and will put that under the rear window, since the interior trim piece was MIA when I got my truck. The headliner isn't perfect BUT it's for a future trail rig, and I didn't have a perfect starting point either.
  5. So I was taking my headliner out of the garage and what can go wrong will go wrong.... Tripped over a power cord and fell with the headliner, ripping and bending it.... Does anyone know if the guy who does the MJ headliners will sell one without the material already attached? I spent a good chunk of change on the material already. And what is the link to the headliner site? Thanks!
  6. I've seen other posts for replacing the headliner completely...but I'm not trying to go that route. Should I mix up some resin and add a layer or two of new fiber glass? Also...for whatever reason the PO installed a damn sun/moon roof. After it leaked for obvious reasons...he siliconed the crap out of it. I removed the sun/moon roof and am now left with a hole in the headliner. I was thinking about cutting a section out of another headliner, weather it be an xj or whatever, to size and glassing it in, or any other suggestions...
  7. I ordered new headliner material (multicam). I took my headliner out and its pretty flimsy. Any way to reinforce it? What have ya'll done to fix it? I was thinking about getting some kind of cloth and spray gluing it on both sides and then apply the actual material.
  8. Com4, I have a 5 speed in my Wrangler and automatic in the Manche. Its not really a fair comparison. When I change the parts in the MJ i'll let you know what differences I notice.
  9. I have a 2.5L wrangler. Put a 4.0 throttle body, new 4 hole fuel injectors, electric fans, MSD wires and coil, K&N intake, 4.88 gears. Have noticed a slight improvement. Plan on doing the same to my 2.5 MJ. But gears are probably your best bet.
  10. So i was at the JY the other day and saw a few chevy blazers, early 90s model, with the factory swing away tire carrier (really cheap $$$). Also saw a Bronco with one and i think a pathfinder. Has anyone used one of these? If so what would be the closest fit for the MJ? I'm thinking the boxier style s10 Blazers?? I know the lug pattern is different, so I was thinking of getting an adapter. Any input would be great. So far this has been my favorite forum. You guys are awesome and super informative.
  11. Will I need to change out my transmission if i'm converting from 2wd to 4x4? 1990 2wd 2.5L. Have axles out of a 99 XJ.
  12. Brand new CPS installed..... Success! Turned right over like nothing had ever happened. Thanks all!
  13. Don't wanna sound stupid but oh well...what did you fold in?
  14. I'm looking to trim my fenders. Should I trace around the fender flares, take off the flares, and the cut? Or is there some kind of line to follow. Any input will be much appreciated. Pictures would be nice too.
  15. 65$! Going to th JY tomorrow and gonna try my luck there first. Gotta get some odds and ends anyways. But that's pricey for 2 wires lol
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