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  1. Is there a good way to bleed that thing? Mine rusted through and I replaced the line.


    Thanks for taking the time to register your Comanche. It will help us all to understand how many are on the road, and how many are resting in the trails of the sky. Here is the general format: Year, Make, Model. Image, if available Six cylinder Manual Transmission 2 Wheel drive 6foot Bed 212,271 miles built May??(the sticker is worn) 1987(that part is still legible) Quincy Massachusetts The engine runs, but needs more love than I can give it. It won't pass inspection without a lot of work. Ben
  3. Thanks for the backing plate, Stroker. It's good to be rolling again.

  4. Thanks Keyav8r, that was a help. I have the D35. Stroker, I'm interested if you have one for a rear right.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a brake backing plate for the rear right wheel of a 1987 Comanche. Does anyone have such a thing out there? Thanks, Ben
  6. Yes, I am still interested in springs. Thank you. I'll be in touch. Ben
  7. Hi, I'm looking for leaf springs for my 87 Comanche. The shackles could use replacing, too. Ben
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