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  1. Ok, where would I be shipping it to? (Zip Code) And to answer a few of the questions that were asked: BA10 tranny / NP231 t-case and since it came out of a LWB Comanche the rear driveshaft definitely won't work in a SWB model.
  2. I have sitting in my garage a 5-speed transmission with transfer case attached. They came out of an 88 LWB MJ a fellow member on here was parting out. I paid $100 for the combo and both drive shafts. I'm asking for the same $100 for the same items which ended up including all shifters and wiring harnesses, PLUS whatever other random parts I may have sitting around. (dash pieces, radios, etc..) I even have a plastic tool box that came out of the bed of the truck i'll throw in for $25. Thanks for looking, PM, txt, or call me with any questions. Steven 678-491-3480
  3. Just keep me posted about the axle and the locks. I'm gonna do some research and see what the best bolt on axle would be and check local scrap yards. Not in an immediate rush though.
  4. Just wanted to say thanks again! window crank matched my interior perfectly, same "aged" look lol. I haven't got to play with any of the other toys yet, but you saved me a lot of searching and made it convenient. Greatly appreciated! :bowdown:
  5. Replaced the 20 year old paper factory speakers with some pioneer speakers from walmart. Not a fan of pioneer speakers but for $65 for all four speakers i can't complain... ;)
  6. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/cto/1583723779.html
  7. Mounted and balanced my new-to-me wheels 8)
  8. snagged a legitimate cap for my clutch master cylinder reservoir. Also snagged a few blue buzz boxes so I know when i leave my headlights on, started gathering parts for installing factory power locks.
  9. That's what I was afraid of. The cross-body harness was mentioned in the other posts. Wasn't sure if that's what I had or not. Oh well, that xj should still be there thursday. and i get to weep over its destroyed red/houndstooth lovely 86 interior lol
  10. I've searched this topic and the only things i found were getting 97+ locks/windows to work or just xj/mj power window swaps. Nothing on this type of swap. I went to pull-a-part this morning and found a few items for my truck. One of these finds came from an 86 Cherokee. It was equipped with crank windows, but factory power locks. I removed everything I thought I would need from the cherokee: Lock actuators, connecting rods, handles/switches, all connected wires. I have pics below of all the components. I thought this would be a simple "plug and play" add on like everything else is with these trucks. When I got home however I found there was not harness to connect the door lock system to the truck. Any help in getting this hooked up would be appreciated. Pic of passenger side kick panel just showing what we're working with: Same with driver side: "New" driver side handle with lock switch: Passenger side: Back of lock switch showing 6 pins: Driver Side Door Connections: (Switch, Actuator, and Speaker) Pigtail that connected at the kick panel on the cherokee. Red, Green, and Tan wires. I believe the green and tan at this harness were for the driver's rear door actuator. In the background you can see the other side of the speaker harness. One of the black wires from the switch is connected at that harness. Another view of harness: Passenger side Door connections: (Switch and actuator) -(left speaker connector out of pic to be able to tell the difference) Harness that connected at the passenger kick panel on Cherokee. Should be for passenger rear door lock actuator: Alternate View: Basically I need to know If i'm missing more wires i need to take from the xj, or if I need to fabricate a connection using what I have. And on a side note this is all one harness. Both sides are connected and the wires ran under the carpet on the xj. And additional information, this in going in the 89 mj with manual locks and windows atm. Oh, I was able to jump the red wire from the drivers side harness to a connection on the fuse block and was able to test the actuators, would only unlock, no lock. So I may have been headed in the right direction...
  11. I just saw a 1989 Comanche posted on the Atlanta craigslist. From the pics it looks to be the longbed version. But I didn't know that particular steering wheel was available in '89. Both mine have the 3-spoke design. Truck looks a little rough for $1800 but thought i'd post it anyway for you guys. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/cto/1570266089.html
  12. Sweet, I'm gonna go check it out tomorrow morning and see if they're still there. I'm pretty close by and haven't been in a while
  13. We're heading into the 10th day of no one doing anything to their MJ?!?! The world just doesn't seem as bright.... On a side note, I ordered a new radiator for mine
  14. Replaced coolant recovery tank cap, thermostat (double checked that I put it in right side up), coolant temp switch, fan clutch, bled system and still overheating. Only link left in the chain is the radiator, I think. Looks like I can pick up one off ebay for about 60-70 shipped. So I'll try that route next. And my aux fan relay will be in this evening so hopefully the fan will kick on properly now.
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