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  1. Glad you were able to fix yours. For future reference, there is a place in Seneca Fall, New York that rebuilds the fuel pump sending unit assembly. Tri Starr LLC; www.tristarrradiator.com They can reuse the existing fuel pump but, really those aren't that expensive - may as well replace it with new while its out of the gas tank. The trick, as you know, is getting the sending unit and pick-up in the right configuration with the proper impedance so the fuel gauge reads correctly. Also, as I found out and other Comanche Club members probably also know, the sending unit is configured differently for the SWB Comanche, the LWB Comanche, and the XJ Cherokee. For my truck ('92 LWB, 2-WD) the rebuild cost about as much as a new unit if such a thing was available. When UPS brought the rebuilt unit back to me I put it into the gas tank, hooked everything up, It worked perfectly and has been for the last 10 months.
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    Incredible! I bought this Comanche from the previous owner in Slidell, Louisiana on August 3, 2012 and drove it back to my house near Houston, Texas. I've been a Comanche Club member since before that time (I had a 1991 LWB, 2-WD base model 'manche previously) but have not been active on the forum for a while. I decided today to register my current truck and I see that has already been done by hornbrod. Thank you. The VIN gives the important info about this truck but, to reiterate it is a long-wheelbase, 2-wheel drive model with the 4.0 liter six and 4-speed automatic transmission. It is black (needs some minor body work and a repaint) with a dark red interior. The interior is in very good shape but has no headliner fabric. The adhesive had let go and it was sagging so I removed it. It has the Pioneer trim and there is a remnant of the decal on the left rear fender which has "PIONEER" spelled out in block letters. There were some squiggly stripes on both lower sides of the cab and bed (no hockey stick decals) but they were curling badly so I removed them. It appears the truck spent its entire life in southern Louisiana before I bought it and moved it to Texas. The man who sold it to me was a neighbor of the woman who registration records show to be the original owner. I have kept it garaged since I purchased it. Except for some minor dents, and a pretty noticeable one on the front right of the bed my son put there, the sheet metal is in great shape. There is no rust to speak of and certainly no perforation. It had steel wheels and a fiberglass bed cover (the type that is even with the top of the cab and has windows and a rear lift door) when I got it. I swapped the 2001 Cherokee wheels from my 1991 Comanche (also with a set of fairly new Hankook tires) and put the topper on the '91 before I donated it to Habitat for Humanity to be auctioned. I have no need for a bed cover and figured whoever bought the '91 probably wanted it for a work truck and might be able to use it. This Comanche is pretty well optioned. It has power steering, air conditioning (working of course since i am in Texas), original AM-FM with cassette player (the speakers are pretty rough though), bucket seats with center console and floor mounted shifter (part of the Pioneer package -IDK), tilt steering, intermittent wipers, and cruise control. The later two don't work but all the pieces are there and in place. I am waffling about whether to do the body work and repaint the truck or sell it. I know doing the job right will be expensive but I don't want to do it half-a$$ed and have the body panels look like a sack of walnuts. I don't really need a truck and it is non the ideal vehicle for my 80-mile round trip commute into Houston each work day. That said, the truck runs great, has good power,and, with the long bed is very useful. FWIW, I'll post an image of the truck on this forum once I figure out how to do that.
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