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Oh SHIT! Where did it go!


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Ok, been meaning to post this up for about 4-6 weeks now. This is an MJ that is on the way from my house to my parents, basically about 5 mins from me. Every time I drive by there I just about break my neck trying to absorb the picture of it in my mind. This man has several cars in his driveway and this is absolutely the cherriest MJ I have ever seen, and that's w/out ever really seeing it up close. I mean, as spotless as you can imagine. I've been telling myself ever since I got mine to either knock on his door or leave my biz card in his mailbox saying I'll buy it the minute he ever decides to sell it. So one day about month or so ago I'm heading out to my parents for something and I see he has it parked out in the grass parallel to his driveway. You know, like he was getting ready to put a for sale sign in it. On my way back later on I took this pic with my phone. Why I didn't pull in to his driveway I don't know. Because.......I haven't seen it since. He had a cap on it and it is still sitting in the driveway, but I may commit suicide if I find out he sold it. And I just KNOW it will be for some great price. I may have to go rip the scab off this weekend and find out. :mad: :wall: :dunce:


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fyi, i'm getting ready to finally post a pic of my rig over in the sticky.

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