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some pics contingency 500


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Cool, but where are the Comanche racetrucks?


I was down working a pit as usual. Nice spot to camp as well:






Blew a tire on the way in, but otherwise the MJ ran well.




Hope I didn't mess up the cat by runing a few gallons of left-over Purple Passion on the way home. :D

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:D Guess We have to build one :D

Was ur pit by Erendira ? :cheers:

How did the D.Assasins do?? :D


A Comanche-based TT would be way kewl! I'll have to talk to PAB about that.


We were at Punta Cabras.


The Geiser TT #36 was 1st thru CP1 and placed 7th in class, 16th OA (8 damn flat tires), but Heidi won in 7SX so a good day over all.


The TT will make podium soon, once the tire issue is resolved. Bad news when you rip the skin off your tires just by hitting the go pedal, but that's what 800hp will do to you! :brows:

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jamminz.gif Right on Man.. This course has a bit techy between chk1 & 2.

(besides all the regular hell the course throws at 'ya :brows:

Really glad all the team came full circle Bud.


BJ really grabbed that 1st from under Post...huh? :D



I've been around goat trail. intresting place if u stay on top u have a cool scenario .


Comanche based TT !!!1, That would really bring memories when the 'Manche raced thru this parts 20 years ago and Won TWICE :cheers:

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BJ really grabbed that 1st from under Post...huh? :D


Must have been an amazing run all the way!


BJ was leading Post when they came past our pit, but given the time differential in their start times (BJ 09:37:00 vs Post 09:36:00) vs. the end times (BJ 18:47:47 vs. Post 18:46:54), Post passed BJ in the last 110 miles, and crossed the line first, but not by quite enough to make up that last seven seconds!



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