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All most In a accident ( Need Help)

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Like the title said I was in almost two accidents with my Comanche in the past hour. The throttle Has been sticking And I keep going way to fast While trying to drive slow. i almost hit my house Brake was 100% depressed and it was still trying to go. the second one was i ave to go through a s curve Normally 45ish I was going 68 My rear end was sliding and came close to hitting the Rail.. :cry: Holy crap i was scared any ways


Can any one tell me how to stop my gas pedal Or throttle line to stop sticking so i don't kill my self...


Also To day was the first day i took my Comanche off road sense i bought it. WOO HOO [Goes great jamminz.gif ]

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When my '88 did that, it was a hinge in the throttle linkage. The cable from the gas pedal goes through the firewall and connects to an arm down low on the left side of the engine, below the exhaust manifold. There's a pivot there. Mine had gotten rusty after many years of New England winters. I sprayed it liberally with PB Blaster (penetrating oil), worked it a number of times, then sprayed it some more. No more problem.


You should also inspect the cable itself to ensure that it isn't frayed, preventing it from fully retracting.

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