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MIOBI Memorial Day Weekend 2008

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We had a great time this weekend playing around in the truck jamminz.gif


I think we had about 125+ truck show up for this event we had people from all over Iowa Nebraska and Minnesota. We did have to battle the weather but once the rain moved out it was really nice.


My wife said she took like 200 pic or something and like 2hr. of video so I got some good shot of the MJ in action enjoy.


This is my truck with XJMJguy I think that’s what he goes by on here maybe not.

This is how packed the park was:

XJMJguy showing off


Same guy stuck rear tire slid out of the rut and he got hung up so yeah I was nice and pulled him up the little hill.


Me climbing a hill this was dump on my behalf because I had to get a run at it and as you can see my rear tire came up and I almost went over and that’s a long way to the bottom.


Me playing on some rocks up at camp I got hung up going this way but I made it going over the side.

And some random pic of guys out on the trail.

The rest of my pic can be seen here;

http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/vie ... id=6822645


Here is a link to more pics by some one else.


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