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Any mods on the Hydraulic clutch?

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I was just wondering if the design ever changed in the later models that can be adapted to the MJ? I remember going through quite a bit of slave cylinder rebuild kits there for awhile, were the rubber piston cup would collaspe and allow fluids to leak into the cab, seems like they knew they had a problem because the next one I bought (3rd time) had a double piston rubber cups, but I still didn't trust it so placed a small spring around behind the rubber piston so it couldn't fold back and cause another leak, so far it's been holding up for quite a few years now anyone else experience this?

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DaimlerChrysler reverted to an external slave cylinder for the XJ in 1994. But the slave is under the floor and, for the MJ, inside the bell housing. There's no way the slave cylinder can leak into the cab. You must be talking about the master cylinder.

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