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AW4 torque converter bushing

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After a recent engine swap, my aw4 developed a significant leak from the bell housing.

The torque converter had stuck in the pilot bushing when I split the engine/trans, so I assumed I had screwed up the seal when I put the torque converter back in. 

I took the tranny down today, and the seal appeared ok at a glance, but then there seemed to be a piece of metal in it. 


It turns out there’s a thin bushing in there that had worked it’s way up into the seal. I tapped the bushing back into place, but there is no reason it won’t walk out again. 


I would like to install a new bushing, but I’m having a hard time finding a part number for it. It doesn’t seem to be listed in this manual, or anywhere else I’ve looked. 

Has anyone replaced this bushing, or know anything about it?

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