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My son removed a set of factory rock rails off his 2023 Four Door Wrangler Rubicon and replaced them with some aftermarket stuff he likes better.   Best (or worst) of all, he left them at my house, and I don't own a JL.   He left me the privilege of getting rid of them.


So I realize that these things would cost a left lung to have shipped to someone unless they have a commercial shipping account.  Because of this, I am offering them to anyone who wants them, FOR NO COST.   All you have to do is take responsibility for removing them from my side yard.:laugh:


If you know a way to ship them to your location at your expense, that is fine.   Alternatively, if you live anywhere in the middle of Arizona, come on by and pick them up.  I live in Queen Creek.


These rock rails are Mopar factory, and fit the FOUR DOOR models of the "JL" series.  I have no idea if they can be adapted to any other Jeep model, as that would be an experiment for the new owner of the rails.

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