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Connector Identification (manual to auto nonsense)

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PO did a manual to automatic conversion on my MJ. I think instead of replacing the engine harness, he retained the manual harness and spliced in the automatic bits where needed to make it work. Now, I have an automatic harness I plan on swapping in, but today is not that day. I'm trying to diagnose reverse lights not working. I've got power at the trans fuse, but when I put it in reverse, I'm not getting anything on the other side of the neutral safety switch. I'm trying to follow the wires from the switch (though I assume it's probably worn out, seems like a common thing) to the c113 to do a continuity test of the switch. According to the diagrams, it looks like this should be on the passenger side of the engine bay, coming out of the engine harness above where the NSS is. However, the wires coming out of my NSS go over the top of the transmission, into the big mess of connectors in my first pic, where the brake lines come down the firewall (possibly the wrong word). I am touching what I believe to be the C113 in the first pic. There are a few other connections here that I do not see in the diagrams, and continue down the driver side of the transmission a bit before disappearing.

If anyone can confirm if these are indeed stock, and provide any info as to what they might be, or confirm that this is some BS from the PO, I would appreciate it. I cannot find in the electrical harness diagrams anything that shows where the NSS wires actually run, so I don't know for sure this is wrong, but it sure seems like it. PO located the TCU under the driver side dash, so my suspicion is that these wires all pop back up there since they are also driver side.




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