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87 Chief desert tan/LS build

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Well, you guys know the rig by now--1987 Chief edition (white shortbed) that has passed many hands.  First idea was to put a 327 in, then I found some 302 motors I had so I was going to go that route, but now I'm thinking big lift and tires and an LS powerplant with an automatic behind it.  Got busy moving and haven't had time to mess with it.  My 87 Pioneer will be done shortly after I get it painted and put back together.  My question is, what is the best company for a large lift for one of these MJ's?  I already plan on building a custom 3 link kit for it anyways, but I'm looking at mainly using Rusty's parts for the build.  And what is a good auto trans option for 35's?  Gears will be 4.88 with lockers, and SYE kit and custom driveshaft.  Not going to bob the bed, I still plan on using it a decent amount.  Also looking at different cage setups for ideas in the future.  Thanks y'all.

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