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New/Updated Seat Belt Options for Tiburon seats

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So I'm horrifyingly behind on my '88 Comanche build, I'll be posting all those pics in due time. 


After 8 months in the body shop, the Tiburon seats are finally bolted in. They sit about 1 1/2" higher than they used to. I'm not a tall guy, so it isn't too bad. I can deal with it.


The problem is this: I had lizard skin sound control, lizard skin heat insulation, and raptor liner sprayed on the inside.


I had read to use the original point location/buckle instead of the Tiburon seat. With all the stuff I had sprayed, using that original location is not really an option.


I've decided to use this as an opportunity to buy new and/or upgraded seat belts. Does anybody have any suggestions for what I can use to mount to the seat location? Maybe a suggestion for a whole new location entirely? I'd like to go with 3-point harness, but if there is such a thing as a comfortable 4-point, I'm not against that either. 


I'm open to all kinds of options here.



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