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Switches $5-10 obo Upstate, SC


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Right now I mostly have rear wiper switches which aren’t very useful for Comanches. These are all used and untested. There are 2 defrost switches missing faces, and 1 rear wiper switch missing it’s face. I have one cracked face with the light hole for defrost/fog/cargo/trans comfort. I’d sell any of the partial switches for shipping cost plus like $0.50 to drive to the post office. I should be getting some cargo/fog/trans switches at the beginning of next week. I will update the thread as I get more.


Rear Wiper switch complete $5 plus shipping

Defrost switch complete $7.50 plus shipping

Fog/trans/cargo complete $10 plus shipping

If there’s some type of switches I’m forgetting I can probably get one just shoot me a message.

I also have a HI/LO wiper switch from converting my Comanche to intermittent wipers make an offer plus shipping. Worked when removed.



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