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Toy 4 Tot Run @ MIOBI

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It was a wet rainy mess down at Dan's this weekend it started raining on Friday night and did not stop until Saturday after noon. :roll: And then it started rain Saturday night in to Sunday.


Which sucked because I had to change a alternator because for some reason every time I go out down there something has to break on the truck. So here is the run down on the trail damage from this weekend.

1. Alternator

2. Popped a bead on the front tire

3. Rear brake line

4 New dent the box

5. Front fender has a new dent as well to match the rear


O and did I mention that I laid her over on her side not hard but it was enough to say that I am putting a cage in these truck.


Here are a few video that the wife shot for me and I will get pics up as soon as I can get them uploaded. So enjoy.


edit: Adding pics

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