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It's an 86 4 cyl, automatic, long box MJ. Dana 35 rear, bench seat interior.


Engine is fried. I have three sitting here so it should be an easy fix. Needs tires brakes, and thats about it.


My friend picked it up for 200 bucks, which I think is a steller deal seeing as how the body was professionally redone about 3 years ago.


Green exterior, beige interior. Actually a really nice truck.


Needs little to get going.


Plans for this little truck are extremely extensive:


4BT Cummins 3.9L diesel

NV4500 5 spd trans.

Dana 44 front

Ford 9 inch rear

Tcase unsure of.

Frame reinforced where needed.

Heavy duty spring pack with SOA rear.

A mild lift in the front


Prolly 31 or 32's all the way around


But that is all to come, for now its a matter of making it a reliable DD


Should be fun


Here's some pics (the PO loved the chrome)


Image Not Found

Image Not Found

Image Not Found

Image Not Found

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it is almost finished now. Just need to finish up the wiring and what not.


Unfortunately the underside was sub-par on the "professionally redone body"


It make be a quick sale, as its not a good candidate forthe heavy modification planned.


I do have the New Mj waiting to come in the yard though. This new one will be my new DD. Not too many plans for it, but should be nice

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