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rebuilding an np242

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Buddy of mine is lookin to rebuild the np242 in his little bro's grand cherokee, as it has some chain slop.


anyone have pointers? I'm gonna be helping. also, where to get the new chain, and what is required for a rebuild...I only think the chain is sloppy, so maybe just a chain and a new case seal?


any help here would be great :D

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case will be RTV'd together vs a seal. At least all of the ones I've seen are.


Having just been in a 242.


Large snap ring pliers, doing it with screwdrivers sucks.


First things first, put it in 4WD Hi, then impact both the yokes off.

Remove the tail shaft housing

Remove the large snap ring

undo the case halves

the case should come apart.

Now you have to undo the large shap ring that's on the input

I don't think there was anything but the yoke holding on the front input.

Flip it over, and you should be able to pull the main shaft and the front shaft.

THat should be it.

Assembly is reverse.

You shouldn't have to mess with the shift forks or anything, but the pads like to fall off, so make sure they get put back on.

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