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What springs from another rig will work?

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I want 3-4" of lift on my MJ. I would like to find something from the junk yard or parts rig. I have heard that ford truck springs will work, but don't they give about 6" of lift? I only want 3-4". Is there a chevy, dodge, etc. that would work? I know an upcountry from a zj will work for 2" but they are hard to find. Just wondering if anyone knew of another spring set that would work on Mj/Xjs. Thanks!


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i assume you're lookin for a front coil spring...


ford truck springs (iirc f150) will give ~3" of lift but they ride a teensy bit on the harsh side :roll: that is to say rides like a bull.


cougar/thunderbird springs supposedly give 3" and have a closer spring ratio to what we have now... i think loweredjeep (is that his name?) had them.


other than that take some measurements and look around man... v8 zj springs supposedly give bout an inch, and spacers or maybe ACOS.

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